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$5 grad school by Holly Herndon & Mat Dryhurst, covering the people, projects and technologies shaping 21st century culture.

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Reputation economies and seeding DAOs with Jess Sloss of Seed Club

Nov 30 • 01:29:56

Slaying Moloch, starting the first crypto art registry, Bowie Bonds, Data markets and data unions with Ocean Protocol's Trent McConaghy

Oct 28 • 01:35:00

Slaying Moloch, starting the first crypto art registry, Bowie Bonds, Data markets and data unions with Ocean Protocol's Trent McConaghy...

The Cold War For Information Technology with former Director of Iskra Delta Janez Skrubej

Oct 27 • 01:18:02

 In conjunction with this years Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts titled "Iskra Delta "curated by Tjaša Pogačar we interviewed Janez Skrubej, the author of "The Cold War For Information Technology: the Inside Story"....

Bringing the music industry on-chain with Bruno Guez (Revelator)

Oct 12 • 01:00:38

Hi everyone!! We often have discussions on here about web 3 representing a real opportunity for the independent music industry, and Bruno Guez is an expert on how that might end up transpiring, from his time working as a label head, directing the Merlin Network and more recently in building Revelator.  ...

Protocol Art Pioneer Rhea Myers (few)

Oct 5 • 01:30:36

Rhea Myers conceptualised a new art world by curiously tinkering with new tools and seeing what art she could make with them. We catch up with her to reflect on the earliest days of crypto art, her experiments with the medium and their art historical roots in 60's conceptualism, the current state of the field, Loot frenzy and the recent arrival of the dragonslayers, and so...

$5 grad schools, musical bodybuilding, Puerto Rico and crypto concerns with La Meme Young

Sep 22 • 01:12:45

Thrilled to welcome artist, educator and meme master Max Alper (La Meme Young) to join us to discuss running an online art school, sound and meme pedagogy, musical body building and deliver an on the ground report of crypto excessiveness arriving in his new home of Puerto Rico....

Emotional Capitalism, The Extreme Self and New Art Institutions with Shumon Basar

Sep 7 • 01:06:21

Our first ever in person discussion this week with writer and curator Shumon Basar to discuss his new book with Douglas Coupland and Hans Ulrich Obrist, The Extreme Self, published in accompaniment with the exhibition "Age of You" most recently hosted at Jameel Art Centre, Dubai....

Synthetic Media, iNFTs, collective characters and prompt engineering with Alethea AI

Aug 24 • 01:06:24

Hey everyone,...

Latent Visions, Promptism and the future of AI art with Adverb

Aug 17 • 01:02:22

If you have spent any time online recently, you have no doubt seen an explosion of remarkable images generated from text with Latent Visions, VQGAN and CLIP. We spoke to Adverb, the creator of Latent Visions, about his project, Promptism, and where we see these applications developing in the next few years (or at this pace, months). ...

Mercury Retrograde, financial & social capital and the new internet with Emily Segal

Aug 3 • 01:11:16

Thrilled this week to invite artist and author Emily Segal, whose debut auto-fictional novel “Mercury Retrograde” tells the story of a young artists attempt to reconcile the abstract landscape of overfunded startups and the art world, set in New York between Occupy and the Trump Presidency. We discuss what can be learned from the post-internet era as we stand at the precip...

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