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The End of the Roman Republic

Aug 2 • 32:34

University of California San Diego Professor Edward Watts discusses his new book “Mortal Republic : How Rome Fell into Tyranny” with Intelligent Talk. At a time when democracy is in retreat in many parts of the world it’s an especially topical book....

The Biggest Bet In History

Jul 17 • 28:05

Dr. Fred Brooks is a pioneer in the field of computing. He discusses his life and work in this interview....

“Crazy Rich Asians”

Jun 19 • 27:33

Kevin Kwan is the author of the 2013 NYT bestselling book “Crazy Rich Asians” which was also made into the hit 2018 film.  He was recently named one of the hundred most influential people in the world by Time Magazine....

The Battle of Jutland

Jun 10 • 42:57

The Battle of Jutland took place off the coast of Denmark between May 31st and June 1st, 1916. It was the most important naval battle of WW1. Had the United Kingdom lost its Naval Fleet during the battle, it could not have continued the crucial blockade of Germany....

The Life of Peter Sellers

Jun 4 • 27:40
Renowned actor Peter Sellers died in 1980 at age 54 after suffering a heart attack at the Dorchester Hotel in London.  Sellers lived primarily between the Dorchester and a home he had in Gstaad, Switzerland.  Famous for the Pink Panther movies and his iconic role as Inspector Clouseau, Sellers died at a strong period in his career.
Susan Wood began working for Sellers in 19...

Jack The Ripper

May 10 • 23:27
Jack The Ripper was the name given to the man who terrorized London in 1888.  The murder of at least five prostitutes are attributed to him. These murders took place in the Whitechapel area of East London.
Phil O’Connor discusses the case, the victims, and the key suspects in this revealing interview.  A possible solution to the identity of the killer is discussed.  Recent ...

The Fifth Beatle : Pete Best

Apr 24 • 29:38
In this interview Roag Best discusses his brother Pete Best and the formation of the band later known as the Beatles. Pete is known as the “Fifth Beatle” who was later replaced by Ringo Starr after several years with the Beatles. Roag’s mom provided the first performance venue for the group, and his father acted as their road manager.
Best discusses the theories on why his ...

George F. Kennan

Apr 18 • 30:02
Grace Kennan Warnecke is the author of Daughter of the Cold War about her life as a witness to history as the daughter of an influential diplomat. She was in Prague when Hitler invaded in 1938, in Moscow during WW 2, and was in charge of taking care of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin’s daughter after she had defected in 1967.
In this interview she discusses her famous father,...

Escape From Dubai

Mar 1 • 37:26

Intelligent Talk’s Eye on Dubai exclusive interview with Herve Jaubert. This interview with Jaubert takes listeners behind the gleaming buildings of Dubai and ostensible modern ways of the country. Jaubert is a former French Intelligence Officer. He was recruited to go to Dubai to build small submarines which could then be used by visiting tourists. The tourism industry is...

The Life of Howard Hughes

Feb 15 • 39:58

Howard Hughes was an American original. The richest man in the world, and the first multi-billionaire in the world. He was stubborn, eccentric, and became increasingly crazy as time went on. Hughes was also fascinating, charming when he wanted to be, and interesting with a wide variety of interests. Money didn’t seem to be his main motivator in life....

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