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This podcast is about showcasing the creative, inclusive community in voice technology with a focus on educational and innovative content. You'll hear interesting conversations with some of the top leaders in the voice tech space as well as up and coming people in voice plus, behind the scenes ofRead more

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Bringing Community Together with Voice with Paige Harkness, Partnerships/Integrations at Alkira

Jun 3 • 14:13

Paige Harkness is in charge of Partnerships & Integrations at Alkira Software in Australia. Paige talks about the voice landscape in Australia, how Alkira got started and how the voice company is helping the community come together through voice....

Creating Custom Voice Experiences for Auto Brands with Kyle Halstvedt & Scott Halstvedt at SoundHound Inc.

May 29 • 31:03

Kyle Halstvedt is a Technical Program Manager and Scott Halstvedt is a Software Engineer at SoundHound. Not only do these two work together but they're brothers. They talk about some of the common elements car manufacturers need to consider when designing for voice interfaces in the car, why car manufacturers are choosing to go with a custom solution versus adding Alexa or...

What Consumers Want to Know About Voice with Katherine Prescott, Founder & Editor at VoiceBrew

May 27 • 23:11

Katherine Prescott went to Harvard and worked in the Hedge Fund world for a long time. She talks about her journey into voice, why she chose to focus on Amazon Alexa, how she's building a community of consumers wanting to learn more about voice, what trends and questions she's getting from her community about voice, why she's also a lover of smart homes and some of her fav...

How a Top NLP Startup is Growing, with Caitlyn Brooksby, Executive Director of PR/Communications at Canary Speech

May 22 • 20:02

Caitlyn Brooksby is the Executive Director of PR and Communications at Canary Speech. She talks about why Canary Speech was named one of the most promising NLP Startups of 2019, why they believe patents are important in voice, how her clients have seen results in using their company, why she feels sponsorship is important for brands and why she chose to sponsor VOICE Summi...

Improving the Restaurant Industry with Voice Technology with Derrick Johnson, CEO of Encounter AI

May 20 • 13:42

Derrick Johnson is the CEO of Encounter AI, a voice technology for the restaurant industry. He talks about his journey into voice and why he chose to focus on the restaurant industry, why he chose to have his startup be venture backed, why he feels it's important to niche in the voice industry, what his customers are saying about his AI and why he's part of /dev/color as w...

How IVR Design Can Help Us Improve VUI with Maria Spyropoulou, Speech Systems Analyst at Eckoh

May 15 • 26:45

Maria Spyropoulou is a Speech Systems Analyst at Eckoh and has studied language and linguistics for a long time. She suggests that an IVR system is just like any other speech-enabled application and that they have a great advantage over Alexa Skills/ Google Actions. She shares with us the lessons she's learned the hard way from designing IVR systems and how it can help VUI....

Voice Technology for Dentists with Chithra Durgam DDS, Co-Founder of DentalFlashGo

May 13 • 19:11

Chithra Durgam has been a dentist for over 15 years, but she's also been using social media to build her practice. She talks about how she's used TikTok, how she appeared in Gary Vaynerchuck's book, how she cofounded the voice skill DentalFlashGo and what it will do for the dental community, how being in voice has changed her business and her views on how the healthcare co...

How to Build Habit Forming Voice Products with Nir Eyal, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of "Hooked"

May 8 • 49:40

Nir Eyal is the author of two bestselling books, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products and Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life. He founded two tech companies, is an active investor in companies such as Eventbrite, Anchor, Kahoot and more and his writing has been featured in The Harvard Business Review, Time Magazine, and Psychology Toda...

Bringing a Visual Brand to Life Through Audio with Colleen Fahey, US Managing Director at Sixième Son

May 6 • 19:23

Colleen Fahey is the US Managing Director at Sixième Son and has had a passion for audio branding for a long time. She talks about what she noticed was happening in Europe with audio branding and why they adopted audio branding first, how an audio brand can be used, how to bring a visual brand to life via audio and how her company has helped large brands such as Huggies an...

Why Circular Conversational Design is Best with Alison Greenberg, CEO at aflow

May 1 • 36:13

Alison Greenberg is the CEO at aflow and started her journey as many have in this space in the creative field. She talks about why she believes most voice conversations are linear and why her company has created a circular conversational design that differentiates itself in the industry, why gender bias is something the voice community needs to be conscious of and how the ...

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