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I’m Michael Rosenbaum, I’ve spent the better part of the last two decades in and out of film and television - mostly known for playing the bald dude on the show Smallville. I’m the guy that you probably don’t know by name, but when you see my face you might say “oh, that guy from that thing.” I’veRead more

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Shaun of the Dead’s NICK FROST: Sidekick Evolution

Nov 30 • 01:17:26

Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) joins me this week for a discussion on dealing with severe trauma and depression and how periods of loss and tribulation with his family has shaped his life. Nick opens up a ton this episode on his family hardships surrounding alcoholism and what it was like watching both parents step in to care for one another in their time of need...

The Office's RAINN WILSON: Tools for Ego

Nov 23 • 01:18:52

Rainn Wilson (The Office, Metaphysical Milkshake) joins us this week to discuss his tools for managing a controversial ego, the moment that changed things for him while filming The Office, and how he defines purpose and happiness in life. We discuss therapy without parents and may have just inspired a special third version of Rainn coming back next time. Also, we get into ...

Seinfeld’s JASON ALEXANDER: Tricks to Comedy

Nov 16 • 01:25:05

The hilarious and incredibly talented Jason Alexander (Seinfeld, Pretty Woman) joins this week to discuss his evolution going from an ambitious stage actor to pursuing a comedic career and landing the most popular sitcom of all time, Seinfeld. Jason and I discuss the stresses and anxiety of working on a Broadway production and how people in that profession have to manage a...

Breakfast Club’s ANTHONY MICHAEL HALL: Embracing Your Past

Nov 9 • 01:15:03

Anthony Michael Hall (Breakfast Club, Halloween Kills) joins us this week to discuss his ascension into stardom in the 80’s with Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, and Weird Science and his evolution of getting involved in new projects and different roles nowadays, such as his character in the new Halloween Kills. Anthony discusses fond moments in prior roles and with previo...

James Bond’s BILLY MAGNUSSEN: Hunger for Purpose

Nov 2 • 01:15:48

Quite possibly the most charming ‘bad guy’ Billy Magnussen (No Time to Die, The Many Saints of Newark) joins me this week to discuss his process of overcoming fear, taking risk in a world of random chaos, and how he approaches an “eff me” attitude when it comes to the roles he plays. Billy talks about his new gig in The Sopranos universe in the HBO Max series the Many Sain...

Tigerbelly’s BOBBY LEE: Finding Comfort in Your Confidence

Oct 26 • 01:22:43

He’s baaaack… Bobby Lee (Mad TV, Tiger Belly) joins us this week to discuss balancing expectations and relationships transitioning from his off the wall personality decades ago into the slightly less off the wall podcast giant he is today. Bobby Lee and I catch up on each other's lives and delve deep into how Bobby has changed as a human being in his later years. We talk a...

The Other Two’s KEN MARINO: Losing Identity & Keeping Hilarity

Oct 19 • 01:20:53

Ken Marino (The Other Two, Wet Hot American Summer) comes bearing gifts on this week’s podcast! Not only that, Ken opens up on his experience losing his identity while trying to find his way in this industry and the unique way he’s been able to approach this business to reduce stress and enjoy his passion. We also talk about how hard it is to not break while working alongs...

Suicide Squad’s DAVID DASTMALCHIAN: Keeping a Healthy Baseline

Oct 12 • 01:24:33

David Dastmalchian (Suicide Squad, Animals) gives us the pleasure of joining the podcast this week to bravely discuss the intensity of his previous battle with heroin addiction and how he was able to channel his experiences into doing massive roles like Polka-Dot Man in The Suicide Squad. We also talk about his new Dracula themed movie, living on a boat, and stigmas of men...

Mandalorian’s MING-NA WEN: Beating Dual Minority Relegation

Oct 5 • 01:10:04

Ming-Na Wen (The Mandalorian, Mulan) joins us this week to discuss what it’s like for her to be a dual minority working on major franchises such as Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Street Fighter, and more! Ming-Na talks about her early childhood development and transitioning from China to New York and how that influenced her acting. We discuss working on the Mandalorian, Book o...

Brooklyn 99’s JOE LO TRUGLIO: Emotional Endings & Taking Risk

Sep 28 • 01:07:19

Don’t miss Joe LoTruglio’s directorial debut with the horror film OUTPOST 👉

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