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Having launched the careers of some of the worlds most respected thought leaders, Julie Masters delves into the minds of some of the brightest and most influential players in their space. From CEO’s to FBI hostage negotiators, Julie explores what it takes to build trust and authority in your space,Read more

Popular episodes

Koelle Simpson - Transformational tension: How to sit in the space in between now and what's next

Nov 30 • 01:16:14

How do you respond to transformational tension?...

Jessica Jackley - The story of KIVA: How to change the world through storytelling

Nov 16 • 01:01:42

How do you change the entire way people view a problem?...

Michael Port - Stealing the show: How to make the leap from expert to visionary

Nov 2 • 01:36:42

Here’s today’s question – are you an expert or a visionary?...

Marion Farrelly - Breaking through the white noise: How to get people to take action

Oct 19 • 01:34:48

If your website or online profile was a big red button, what would it say? Weird question I know. But let’s look at it for a second....

Daryl Davis - One man and the Ku Klux Klan: The power of meeting conflict with curiosity

Oct 6 • 01:19:28

Daryl Davis - One man and the Ku Klux Klan: The power of respectful communication

How does a black musician who’s jammed with the likes of Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, BB King and even Bill Clinton - become friends with an Imperial Wizard from the Ku Klux Klan?

In this polarised world, breaking down entrenched positions may be the most important skill needed by us all. If t...

Dorie Clark - The Long Game: How to think long-term in a short-term world

Sep 21 • 01:04:48

Dorie Clark - The Long Game: How to think long-term in a short-term world

Does long-term thinking even matter in a world where the rules constantly change?

For many of us (myself included) the pandemic has been a tough opportunity to look at the long-term future of our careers and business models. 

An invitation to step away from the next fire that’s burning. The next shiny o...

Bob Chapman - Truly human leadership: What it means to lead like everybody matters

Sep 7 • 01:09:39

According to my guest on today’s episode, the largest crisis we currently face has nothing to do with the economy or politics - it’s a crisis at the very heart of how we define leadership. ...

Rich Diviney - The Attributes: A Navy SEAL Commander on the hidden drivers of elite performance

Aug 25 • 01:14:19

Skills are not enough. 90% of Navy SEAL recruits fail to pass the basic training. And 50% of Navy Seals fail training for specialised command. ...

Jeremy Cowart - The Purpose Hotel and the art of showing up before you're ready

Aug 11 • 01:01:21

We all have amazing ideas. Some are hard earned while others just come to us while we are walking down the hall on one unexpected day. But to make those ideas a reality, we need to get past the “I can’t moment” that invariably follows....

Laura Gassner Otting - Limitless: How to ignore everyone and carve your own path

Jul 28 • 01:14:38

Laura Gassner Otting - What would you do if you felt truly limitless?

Whether you call it “being in the zone”, “flow”, “hyperfocus”, “feeling invincible, or in the words of my guest today “consonance” - we have all experienced those moments where we feel our abilities and passions are absorbed into the task in front of us. Time melts away and we produce some of our best wo...

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