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Inside Eyes is a podcast that focuses on the use of psychedelics & entheogens to heal from sexual trauma. This show looks at healing and trauma through a spiritual & political lens.

Popular episodes

Anniversary Episode: Practicing Ritual with Shanna Butler

Jul 29 • 01:09:57

For the one year anniversary of Inside Eyes Laura interviews Dr. Shanna Butler, a psychologist, professor, and ketamine therapist about the creation of ritual and ways to practice ritual within one's own cultural lineage....

Bonus Episode: Back From The Abyss

Jul 29 • 01:07:38

This episode is part of a show swap with the podcast Back From The Abyss. BFTA is a series about psychiatric healing hosted by Dr. Craig Heacock. There are a lot of parallels with Inside Eyes and this episode is an incredible interview with trauma expert Saj Razvi, exploring ketamine therapy, cannabis therapy, as well as a powerful personal story from Saj....

Dynamics of Sexual Harm in Psychedelic & Entheogenic Spaces

Nov 11 • 44:23

Community that forms around the healing use of entheogens and psychedelics is not without it's own instances of sexual harm.  In the final episode of the season, Laura Mae Northrup, MFT talks about psychological dynamics that underlie sexual harm in healing relationships and what the community can do to prevent it. ...

Harm Reduction for Entheogens & Psychedelics with Kufikiri Imara

Nov 4 • 46:36

For the second to last episode of the season, Laura interviews Kufikiri Imara of Decriminalize Nature Oakland.  The episode explores harm reduction from practical and philosophical perspectives and takes an expanded view that includes not only harm to users, but also harm to the medicines themselves and the traditional stewards of many entheogenic plants.  ...

James – MDMA & Questions of Sexual Abuse

Oct 28 • 34:33

James has heard about the amazing breakthroughs that trauma survivors are having with MDMA.  Determined to explore an ongoing question of if she was sexually abused as a child, she embarks on two guided journeys.  ...

Lena – MDMA, Child Sexual Abuse, & Lasting Altered State of Consciousness

Oct 21 • 35:26

Lena is a survivor of long-term child sexual abuse and decided to try healing with guided MDMA journeys.  She had an unexpected outcome from her journey work that resulted in a lasting altered state of consciousness.  In this episode we talk about the complex nuances of her "soft psychosis" diagnosis and explore why that term doesn't adequately describe her experience.  ...

Jonathon – Mushrooms, LSD, Child Sexual Abuse, DIY Healing, & Suicidality

Oct 14 • 34:24

Jonathon shares about his experience of child sexual abuse & healing with LSD and mushrooms. He takes a DIY approach to his medicine work, while also seeing a therapist and doing EMDR.  ...

Kate – Ayahuasca, Mushrooms, Child Sexual Abuse, & Repressed Memories

Oct 7 • 01:02:50

For most of Kate's life she didn't remembered the sexual abuse she experienced as a child. She shares about using Ayahuasca & psilocybin-containing mushrooms in her long process of remembering the sexual abuse and healing from complex trauma.  ...

Tonya – Mushrooms, Child Sexual Abuse, Complex Trauma, & DIY Healing

Sep 30 • 30:57

In episode 10 of the season Laura interviews Tonya about DIY healing with psilocybin-containing mushrooms.  Tonya has a complex trauma history and shares about how she set up her solo journey and her process in working on self-esteem issues and PTSD.  ...

Ajesh – Ayahuasca, Repressed Memories, Child Sexual Abuse, & Forgiveness

Sep 23 • 29:52

In episode 9 of the season Laura interviews Ajesh about his experiences using Ayahuasca to heal from child sexual abuse.  Ajesh spent most of his life not remembering the sexual trauma from his childhood. He talks about confronting shame, the courage to ask for help, and forgiveness. ...

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