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Inside Europe | Deutsche Welle

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Inside Europe 25.11.2021

Nov 25 • 55:00

Inside Europe 18.11.2021

Nov 18 • 55:00
The EU positions itself for crisis intervention, violence and solidarity at the EU's borders, Austria gets tough on vaccine avoidance and France’s Louvre museum battles islamophobia with art.
Also on Inside Europe: why gas is at the centre of the EU’s latest stand-off with Russia, questions over cash for influence in the UK, government propoganda in Hungary and dangerous d...

Inside Europe: future worlds

Nov 11 • 54:59

Inside Europe: climate activists reach Glasgow on foot

Nov 8 • 06:03
Becky Stoakes and Carlos Buj are activists with Marcha a Glasgow, which is affiliated to Extinction Rebellion Spain. They set sail from Bilbao on September 28th, arriving in Glasgow on foot some 29 days later. Here they recount the encounters they made along the way and the impact that this unusual form of protest has had on their understanding of the climate crisis, and t...

Inside Europe: Harpreet Kaur Paul on the things COP26 can't fix

Nov 7 • 12:06

Inside Europe: UK youth caught between climate anxiety and action

Nov 4 • 07:56

Inside Europe 04.11.2021

Nov 4 • 54:59

Inside Europe 28.10.2021

Oct 28 • 55:00
Latvia is first EU country to return to lockdown - The Happy Planet Index and the secret to lives well lived - German Neo-Nazis set up vigilante border patrols - European countries discover the joys of cricket - Will the UK bounce back post-Covid? - LGBTQ movies challenge conservative Poles - The Archbishop of Paris takes on Latin traditionalists - The YouTuber bringing de...

Inside Europe 21.10.2021

Oct 21 • 55:00
NATO-Russia relations at post-Cold War low - Assault on democracy: the murder of a British MP - Food for thought at the Frankfurt Book Fair - An apology to the Algerian auxiliaries abandoned by France - Hungary's opposition unites against Orban - How to Restore an ecosystem near you - A seasonal peek into an Italian wardrobe - Scottish climate politics as Glasgow prepares ...

Inside Europe 14.10.2021

Oct 14 • 55:00
Italy’s Green Pass leaves protesters seeing red - Can the EU and the US make up? - How much does the EU know about the masked men patrolling its borders? - Post Brexit UK is running out of gas - Spanish chambermaids to launch a hotel app - LEGO and the wisdom of gendering building blocks - A community in the shadow of a major Italian steel factory - A generous helping of N...

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