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Want to learn more about China first-hand, from reporters on the ground? In every episode, we take a deep-dive into a specific topic, mixing independent reporting and exclusive interviews to bring you unique insights into an emerging potential superpower. Now, we’re featuring regular updates on theRead more

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Dr Ben Cowling: Omicron, border closures, Hong Kong quarantine and mainland China

Dec 4 • 44:46
SCMP digital editor Jarrod Watt speaks with Professor Ben Cowling, Chair Professor of Epidemiology at the School of Public Health at the University of Hong Kong. Cowling has been on previous episodes of Inside China, but in this special feature he discusses the Omicron variant, the need for travel bans, the science behind 21 day quarantine, and delves into his experience o...

What Omicron means; a historic pandemic treaty; China’s new Covid antibody drugs

Dec 2 • 36:02

Why Peng Shuai matters: #MeToo in China, WTA, Olympics and global narrative

Nov 24 • 48:00
Mimi Lau looks at how a since-deleted social media post by Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai has ignited global concern for her welfare, a Twitter response from China’s state media and a billion-dollar ultimatum from the WTA. Hear from exiled feminist activist Xiaowen Leng, information and economy expert Peter Lorentzen and senior SCMP staff on the battle over the narrative a...

China after COP26: how does the country move on from coal?

Nov 17 • 29:23
SCMP China desk reporter Holly Chik presents the second part of our series looking at the technological and economic changes under way in order for China to meet its 2030 and 2050 carbon emissions targets. Hear from energy, resources and transition expert Prakash Sharma and research analyst and battery storage specialist  Xu Le on how China is moving to a post-coal society...

Analysing Xi Jinping’s historic resolution and China’s future

Nov 12 • 18:50
Mimi Lau speaks with the Post’s Beijing-based news editor Mai Jun about the historic resolution issued by the Sixth Plenum of the 19th Central Committee in Beijing. How does it compare to the previous historic resolutions issued by Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping? Does it grapple with historic errors, does it focus on contemporary problems, or is it all about facing the futur...

China and COP26: coal powered crisis as renewable energy rises

Oct 31 • 47:42
With the COP26 global climate summit being seen as one of the last chances for the planet, SCMP China desk reporter Holly Chik looks at how China's ongoing power crisis has lead to a huge shake-up in its economy and opened the way for renewable energy to compete against coal. Norway-based energy analyst Qin Yan contrasts the operation of China's new national emissions trad...

The metaverse beyond Facebook: Tencent, ByteDance, Roblox, Fortnite go all in

Oct 28 • 36:08
Are you ready, player one? A change is coming, promising to transform the web into the “metaverse”. SCMP tech desk reporters Xinmei Shen and Josh Ye analyse what it means, and why the likes of Facebook as well as China’s major tech giants, game developers and investors are all focused on a change some believe will be as big as the arrival of the World Wide Web itself. Hear...

Xi Jinping, Kunming COP15 and China’s escalating power crisis

Oct 14 • 25:40
SCMP reporter Echo Xie reports from Kunming and the COP15 Biodiversity conference, where China’s president Xi Jinping announced a $US232 million fund for developing nations to protect biodiversity, a massive expansion of solar and wind power projects and China’s first official national parks. Meanwhile, as floods in Shanxi province shut coal mines, reporter Siqi Ji discuss...

China’s coal crisis: how to balance supply, demand and a changing climate

Oct 6 • 17:55
Mass power outages, factories with restricted hours and the prospect of major disruptions in the production of Christmas retail goods. This is the reality of China's three-pronged power crisis, comprising supply, price and regulation of coal-powered electricity. SCMP China desk reporter Holly Chik speaks with political economy journalist Cissy Zhou about how long this powe...

Meng Wanzhou and the two Michaels: what’s next for Huawei, Canada and China?

Sep 29 • 34:48
SCMP tech journalist Xinmei Shen speaks with Vancouver-based correspondent Ian Young about his three years covering Meng Wanzhou, how her court saga irrevocably changed Canada’s relationship with China and what questions remain after Meng and two Canadians were freed; tech desk editor Zhou Xin discusses Huawei’s changing fortunes and how Beijing managed nationalist sentime...

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