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Input/Output draws stories from the day’s news, digging deeper into Input’s features, reviews, essays, and reported pieces. We'll unpack unseen context, share valuable insight, and give voice to provocative points of view that illuminate and enhance our understanding of a future that’s just upRead more

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Google’s Stadia finally comes to iOS / Nintendo’s toxic relationship with its biggest fans

Dec 30 • 15:50

Sadly, the Input/Output podcast is going on indefinite hiatus, so this is the last episode for the foreseeable future…. ...

How online beat markets are forever changing music / How Crocs won 2020

Dec 28 • 11:04

The rapper Lil Nas X famously purchased the instrumental for his No. 1 hit “Old Town Road'' through the site BeatStars. The rise of sites like BeatStars and TrakTrain, where musical beats are bought and sold, has changed the way the music business works forever. Writer Seth King recently explored this paradigm shift for Input. He stops by the show to talk about his piece. ...

Apple’s Fitness+ workouts are actually fun / A mind-shattering male sex toy

Dec 25 • 12:32

Fitness+ is Apple’s new fitness subscription service, which pairs an Apple Watch with video workouts delivered on an iOS device or Apple TV. Input senior reviews editor Ray Wong has been working out with Fitness+ and, much to his surprise, he loves it. He joins us to discuss.And later:The Arcwave Ion is a sleek new sex toy that gives the male anatomy female orgasms. Intrep...

Why Facebook and Apple are feuding / Facebook wants to read your mind

Dec 23 • 12:38

Facebook recently purchased a series of full-page newspaper advertisements directed at Apple — an attack on the iPhone maker's new ad-tracking policies. Facebook’s newspaper ads reiterate CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s claims that Apple’s tracking policies will hurt small businesses most. Input editor Ryan Houlihan and editor in chief Joshua Topolsky join us to discuss Facebook’s P...

Harley-Davidson’s rad new e-bikes / A mobile power generator for preppers on a budget

Dec 21 • 12:19

In the spring, Harley-Davidson’s electric bicycle offshoot, Serial 1, will release two e-bike platforms, the minimalist Mosh and the commuter-friendly Rush. Input news editor Craig Wilson recently got to try out the bikes. He joins us to discuss. And later: The Anker PowerHouse II 400 mobile generator delivers enough juice to power a fridge and your laptop, all for the ver...

Ultralight titanium gifts for the holidays / The best battery-powered bikes, scooters, and more

Dec 18 • 13:44

Input guides editor Evan Rodgers recently published a holiday gift guide full of ultralight titanium stocking stuffers – everything from a knife to an iPhone 12 case. He joins us to talk titanium. And later: Looking for a holiday present for an eco-conscious person who likes to zip around? Good news! Input news editor Craig Wilson has assembled a gift guide featuring the b...

Are Apple’s AirPods Max headphones worth $549? / Sony’s rumored next-gen PlayStation Portable

Dec 16 • 16:24

Apple is closing out 2020 with one more thing: AirPods Max. The new over-ear headphones are available in five colors and feature active noise-cancellation, spatial audio, and 20-hour battery life. They also cost a whopping $549 and come in a ridiculous-looking bra-shaped case. Input editor Ryan Houlihan and editor in chief Joshua Topolsky join us to discuss Apple’s latest ...

How to beautify your PS5 / Please stop making new emoji!

Dec 14 • 10:02

The PlayStation 5’s widely mocked design comes with at least one advantage over the new Xbox: Its big side panels are easily removable and perfect for customization. Samuel Polay, co-host of the podcast Culture Vacuum, recently wrote an Input guide to painting your PS5 without destroying it. He joins us to discuss. And later: There are too many emoji, and it has to stop. S...

GMC’s Hummer goes electric / BMW unveils its sleek, all-electric iX SUV

Dec 11 • 11:26

GMC’s Hummer — once a symbol of gross excess — is getting an eco-conscious makeover. Beginning in fall 2021, you’ll be able to buy an electric version of the hulking vehicle, though it won’t be cheap. Input news editor Craig Wilson stops by to talk about the new Hummer EVs and what we can expect. And later:BMW recently unveiled the iX SUV, formerly known as the iNext, an a...

5G conspiracy theorists are screwing up their Wi-Fi / Massachusetts poised to ban facial recognition by cops

Dec 9 • 17:35

Conspiracy theorists claim Faraday cages will “protect” your router against 5G, so lots of people are buying the cages on Amazon. In turn, those customers are complaining that the devices are ruining their Wi-Fi signal. Meanwhile, Amazon doesn’t seem to care and continues to sell the Faraday cages. Input editor Ryan Houlihan and editor in chief Joshua Topolsky join us to d...

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