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Inner Hoe Uprising

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A smart & funny weekly audio series about sex, love, and dating from 4 queer Black feminist 20 somethings living in NYC.

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S8 Ep12: The Freaky Broke Boy Songs of Your Childhood

Nov 10 • 01:02:08
This episode we’re getting all musical. We’re looking at some of our favorite or not so favorite songs of yester-year and looking at them from the context of sex, love, and dating and the messages that the songs imposed on our young impressionable minds. We’ll be talking about things like ‘’ we’re we indoctrinated to fuck with broke mfers, why was the R&B group NEXT that t...

11: Face down Vaxx Up that the way we like to F*cc

Nov 3 • 01:00:28
On today’s episode -- Why are people comparing HIV positive folks to unvaccinated folks? And what does the rapper PLIES have to say about it. PLUS for the past 3 decades various HIV vaccines have been in development -- so why don’t we have an HIV vaccine yet and what are some contenders.

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10: Marriage is on the Decline

Oct 27 • 50:56
This episode we’re playing a little dating app game designed to weed out the losers. Then -- a conversation about boundaries and standards in romantic partnerships. Plus marriage is on the decline! We’re gonna talk about why and give our thoughts about a BBC series all about ethical non monogamy. 

Fuck is this?! (Pop culture rid...

9: Tex-asshole Legislators

Oct 20 • 01:02:41
This episode we’re talking about the scariest phenomenon -- the white hotep. We could end the episode there. But we won’t we’re also getting into allegedly sonic smoothie sex, safer sex toys, why Texas legislators are increasingly the worst, queer animals and much more. 

Fuck is this?! (Pop culture ridiculousness): Facebook Whit...

8: Spotting the Red Flags.

Oct 13 • 01:23

7: A Misinformation Conversation

Oct 6 • 53:50
We got some alleged gay gorillas, a misinformation conversation, a spooky season love story,  social media debate about “natural” bodies and BBLs  and much more. 

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6: A Luxurious Lesbian Love Story

Sep 29 • 01:08:40
Married Black lesbian couple Martina and Tawanna join us to talk about their love story, nurturing your partners artistic endeavors, travel, luxury, Black Family values, religion, lesbian community in the 90s, the old Brooklyn, freedom and much more. 

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5: ASStrology 101

Sep 22 • 01:05:17
This week we get into Astrology and sex, love, and dating with our special guest J. Dooley. 

Fuck It (Topic of the Day): 
Our guest J. Dooley walks us through the ins and outs of using Astrology to analyze your sex, love, and dating life. We talk about Mercury in retrograde, whats woowoo bs, Christianity and being gay
the natal ch...

4: A Journey with Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy

Sep 15 • 56:00
This episode we’re talking all about the journey of going thru gender affirming hormone therapy or GAHT for short from the perspective of a non binary transfemme. We’ll be talking about  romance, emotions, the physical body,  second puberty and much more! 

Fuck It (Topic of the Day): 
We interview Ambre, a non binary trans femme ...

3: Are Women Allowed to Date Around?!

Sep 1 • 50:40
Rob and Sam talk about exclusive dating expectations, Only F*ns haters, de-centering nonsensical men, meeting someone and taking it slow and much more! 

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