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Welcome to Influencer Marketing Talks, your weekly 15 minutes podcast to understand more about influencer marketing and why it’s such a powerful channel when it comes to building trust in your target audience. Each week Sanna Ödmark and Frida Ekholm from Cure Media cover topics around digital andRead more

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Last-Click Attribution is a Lie - Here‘s Why

Nov 24 • 14:07

75% of consumers say they have bought something following an influencer’s recommendation at least once, but only 14% of brands reported a sales uplift when working with influencers (Cure Media). As you can see, these two answers do not agree with each other....

Revealing the Work Behind an Influencer Post

Nov 17 • 13:33

Not everyone understands just how much work goes into each and every influencer post. One thing is for sure though - it’s much more than you think! The fact is that a lot of preparation is required: establishing KPIs, identifying the right influencers, and committing to the continuous optimisation the channel requires. And don’t forget the more administrative tasks, such a...

Why Many Brands Get Black Friday Wrong (and How to Do It Right!)

Nov 10 • 13:06

Black Friday, Christmas and New Year’s all represent a critical revenue opportunity for retailers; ad spend will increase, social commerce strategies will receive rapid rollouts, and brands will turn to influencers to differentiate their brand in an ever more crowded marketplace. But the question is, why are so many brands missing the mark and how can your influencer strat...

A Top Influencer’s Guide to Collaborations w/ Liv Watkins @livvrh

Nov 3 • 22:45

In just a few short years, the role of ‘influencer’ has evolved from a quirky side-hustle to a full-time profession for many. With the booming influencer marketing industry, influencers have become modernity’s answer to shopfronts and billboards. To get a glimpse at what this looks like from the influencer’s side, we’ve invited UK beauty influencer Liv Watkins to join this...

How to Expand into New Markets with Influencer Marketing

Oct 27 • 19:47

With the value of online shopping soaring in virtually every country, most fashion brands will be looking to take their business to new heights by expanding into new geographical markets. But while there’s no shortage of success stories, this isn’t a task you’re going to want to approach carelessly. So let’s get to the bottom of what you need to know about bringing your br...

Influencer Marketing for High-End Fashion Brands w/ Phoebe Locke @FARFETCH

Oct 20 • 24:57

Many still associate influencer marketing with fast fashion, but as the channel has evolved we have seen that it is actually a strong platform for a wide range of products. Ultimately, it all comes down to where your target audience can be reached and how they want to be communicated with - and that’s true regardless of whether you’re promoting fast fashion, social causes,...

Risking More by Doing Less: Why You Need to Scale Your Influencer Marketing

Oct 13 • 18:13

The Gen Z and millennial female audience’s top source for finding products to purchase is influencers’ posts on social media. The current consumer behaviour shift is huge for the influencer marketing industry. A change in shopping habits like this means that consumers are relying on influencers to a greater extent than ever before - to offer inspiration and to help them na...

Cause-led Influencer Marketing w/ Neve Fear-Smith @ Talking Influence

Oct 6 • 20:49

Today's consumers are putting pressure on brands to take a stand on important social issues. With social media being a prime channel for communication among consumers, brands and influencers - this is a quickly emerging trend that brands need to pay attention to. Especially so within influencer marketing. But how do you approach this delicately as a brand?  ...

Influencer Marketing Trends for 2022

Sep 29 • 19:19

From Instagram’s industry-shaking video-first strategy shift, to the gradual emergence from lockdown, 2021 has been a transformative year for influencer marketing. But there’s no time to dwell on the past. Let’s get to the bottom of the biggest question on everyone’s lips right now: What comes next? ...

What Brands Need to Know About TikTok w/ Emma Ryan, Founder & CEO @ ELRY

Sep 22 • 23:27

Why do so many still think that TikTok is all about dancing kids? What are really the differences between TikTok and Instagram, and what should brands do to keep track of all new and emerging trends and tactics in the online sphere? ...

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