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A podcast devoted to covering major trends that drive the Indonesian tech scene.

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Venture Debt 101: Chin Chao & Paul Ong of Innoven

Jul 19 • 18:19

The Air You Breathe: Piotr Jakubowski of nafas & aria

Jul 12 • 29:43

Originally formed to address the sad fact that air pollution takes 5+ years off the life of the average Jakarta resident, sister companies nafas & aria have achieved renown in Indonesia's tech community with their pioneering work in air monitoring and purification. Cofounder Piotr Jakubowski and team are now aggressively adding features such as a virus risk index for both ...

Small Retailer Success: Nipun Mehra of Ula

Jul 5 • 37:25

"At the end of the day, somebody needs to aggregate neighbourhood demand" in order to become the dominant solutions provider to Indonesia's massive small retailer segment, states Ula Founder and CEO Nipun Mehra. Ula is founded on the provocative assumption that "the traditional store actually has a massive advantage over modern retail formats." The successful model will pl...

Indo's Rural e-conomy Momentum: Steven Wongsoredjo of Super

Jun 28 • 21:41

Indonesia has become a crucible for tremendous amounts of experimentation in ecommerce business models. Steven Wongsoredjo, Cofounder and CEO of Super, has combined both the group-buying elements of global category leaders such as China's Pinduoduo, along with several uniquely Indonesian aspects such as agent-based sales. Shirking the "Jabodetabek" focus of most other ecom...

Grab's Grand Design with Country Head Neneng Goenadi

Jun 21 • 29:49

Neneng Goenadi, Country Managing Director for Grab, is one of the Indonesian tech world's most accomplished and charismatic female business leaders. Neneng discusses the company's aggressive expansion into new, lower tier markets and multiple other initiatives to help spur economic recovery from the pandemic. She attributes Grab's leadership in part to having built its own...

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The "Door" to Crypto: Jeth Soetoyo of Pintu

Jun 7 • 23:49

Jeth Soetoyo, Founder of Pintu, joins us to examine the widening application of blockchain and crypto-assets in Indonesia. Jeth cuts through the hype to make an easy-to-grasp and persuasive case for the steady growth of adoption of crypto-assets such as Pintu's own Rupiah Token. He describes Indonesia as very "forward looking" in terms of crypto asset regulation. Jeth sees...

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The Evolution of VC: Adrian Li of AC Ventures

May 31 • 27:23

AC Ventures Founder Adrian Li reflects on some of the dramatic changes that have set in to Indonesia's start-up scene since he began VC investing in 2013, from the significant improvement in founder pedigree to the steady rise of Fintech as his favorite sector. He also opines on where a comparison with China can inform successful venture building in Indo, and where it can ...

From the Director's Chair: Angga Sasongko of Visinema

May 24 • 20:54

Visinema Founder Angga Sasongko is the director of some of Indonesia's most celebrated films, such as "Hari untuk Amanda" and "Filosofi Kopi". Angga reflects on a range of topics, from the necessary balance between technology and the humanities in Indonesia's educational system, to the impact of the smartphone on film & entertainment, to collaboration with leading tech fir...

Modernizing eCommerce Logistics: Phil Opamuratawongse of Shipper

May 17 • 18:45

The Indonesian Logistics Association recently reported that logistics volumes fell 60-70% from before the onset of COVID-19. e-commerce logistics enablers however grew 40%+ in 2020. Leading Indonesian logistics start-up Shipper delivered a stunning 6X growth last year. Shipper Co-founder Phil Opamuratawongse walks listeners through the company's success in onboarding e-com...

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