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Courtland Allen interviews the ambitious indie hackers who are turning their ideas and side projects into profitable online businesses. Explore the latest strategies and tools founders are using to capitalize on new opportunities, escape the 9-to-5 grind, and create their own personalRead more
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Best Episodes

#155 – Finding the Right Models for Growth with Brian Balfour of Reforge

Mar 19, 2020

"Starting a company is hard Embrace the hard stuff"




Ever since I came across his blog years ago, Brian Balfour (@bbalfour) has been one of the most influential people for how I think about growing online businesses. Not only is Brian a successful blogger, but he's also served as the VP of Growth at HubSpot and founded four companies. His most recentRead more

#013 – How to overcome the biggest challenges to your online business with patio11

May 10, 2017

"How to stay motivated"




Patrick McKenzie divulges his wisdom around how to develop promising business ideas, find your first customers, convince smart people to work with you, generate more revenue, and stay happy while doing it.

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#177 – Mastering the Lifestyle-First Approach to Indie Hacking with Daniel Vassallo

Oct 20, 2020

"Numbers are the details that make content actually engaging — or else it’s too vague "



When Daniel Vassallo (@dvassallo) quit his job to become an indie hacker, he was making over $500,000 per year. It could have been a disastrous choice. Instead, less than two years later, he's built a suite of products that most founders would envy. In this episode we discuss how Daniel minimizesRead more

#179 – Making $280k in Four Weeks with Traf

Nov 5, 2020

"“Other people’s success isn’t your failure, but it can act as your motivation.” Envy is natural. It’s a sign of ambition. Let it energize you, not paralyze you. "


Traf (@traf) is a designer and a serial indie hacker. Just over a month ago, he made over $100,000 in a week. No, not by selling a course or a book to some email list he spent months growing. He did it by whipping up some icons and putting them online. It barely took him two hours. In this episode,Read more

The Power of Unbundling Communities with Greg Isenberg

Jul 9, 2020

"Unbundling as differentiation "



Greg Isenberg (@gregisenberg) has spent years practicing the art and and studying the science behind building hit viral products. Today he's using his skills to build a communities design firm called Late Checkout, based on his theory that the best products come from unbundling parts of much largerRead more

#139 – Pursuing a Mission While Bootstrapping to Millions with John O'Nolan of Ghost

Dec 13, 2019

"Welcome to the Enterprise, ladies and gentlemen!"


When John O'Nolan (@JohnONolan) set out to create Ghost, he made an unintuitive decision for a mission-driven founder: to use his skillset to tackle the *obvious* thing to work on, rather than chasing the most *interesting* thing to work on. But 8 years later, and perhaps as a direct result of thatRead more

#176 – The Journey to Build a Large, Profitable Business with Aleem Mawani of Streak

Oct 13, 2020

"No Code Vs Low Code 🛠🪛🧰🪤"


After raising money from VCs, Aleem Mawani (@aloo) chose a path that most VCs would consider a failure: to turn his company, Streak, into a large, profitable, and lasting software business. To do so, he'd have to pivot away from a failing idea, start charging customers who'd always been free, andRead more

#035 – "Definitely Not Trying to Fit In" with Tobias van Schneider

Nov 2, 2017

"Getting noticed on Twitter"


How do you get people to notice what you're doing and sign up in droves? If Tobias van Schneider is any indication, the last thing you should do is try to fit in. Learn how his history of counterintuitive decisions, going against the grain, and having zero expectations has led to a string ofRead more

How Courtland Allen Built Indie Hackers, with Ben and David from Acquired

Dec 17, 2020

"More tech companies should own media/community companies to connect with users"


I've been procrastinating sharing my own story on the Indie Hackers podcast for years now. But when Ben and David (the co-hosts of the Acquired podcast) asked if they could interview me, it was impossible to put it off any longer. They're among the best podcast storytellers I know, so before you doRead more

#187 – Building a $38k/Month SaaS Business as a Solo Founder with Jordan O'Connor of Closet Tools

Dec 31, 2020

"Value is not the time spent turning the screw, but knowing which screw to turn. "

Jordan O'Connor (@jdnoc) is one of the more impressive solo founders I've had on the podcast. Saddled with student loan debt and eager to take care of his growing family, Jordan embarked on a years-long journey to learn as much as he could and help everyone in his path. In this episode, we talkRead more
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