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In Those Genes

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In Those Genes is a podcast that uses genetics to decode the lost histories AND futures of African descended Americans through the lens of Black culture.

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How the World Inherited Blackness

Dec 1 • 45:29
Our first episode for Season 2 is here!
“How the World Inherited Blackness” answers a common question by many....."Is race genetic?" This episode takes the listener on a journey through time to understand how race was birthed and the history behind how race became a reputable (pseudo)scientific theory that justified an entire global system of oppression still used today. W...

Season 2 Coming Soon!

Nov 16 • 02:22
In Those Genes is BAAAAAAACCCCKKKK for Season 2!

"She Get It From Her Moma”, the official title of Season 2 builds on Season 1 and asks the central question in each episode- “Is it genetic?!” Six brand new episodes in this season will focus on understanding the origins of long-held beliefs about inheritance within the Black community that, in some cases, are and are not s...

Vaccine VERZUZ

Sep 21 • 54:09
Hey fam!

We're back for an unofficial release of a bonus episode for season 2 to report on Dat Rona! Unfortunately the virus is still here BUT with the rise of the new delta variant and misinformation running the streets we knew it was time for an update! So what better way to do it than in the format of our favorite pandemic event, VERZUZ!! In this bonus episode we will b...

Intronic Season Episode 4: Trusting The Vaccine While Black Pt. 2 (IG/Clubhouse Live Cypher Session)

Jan 20 • 02:03:07
Today we are airing our first Intronic Episode of 2021, Trusting The Vaccine While Black Part 2, a live community cypher conversation with Dr. Ashira Blazer and our family of listeners on Instagram and Clubhouse.
For those of you who follow us on Instagram you know we host an IG Live and now a Clubhouse Club Conversation that we call Community Cyphers. The purpose of the...

Intronic Season Episode 3 - SNP-its, Short Audio Stories by Biorocket High School Interns

Sep 23 • 43:02
Hey fam! Today we are hitting you with another Intronic episode but this time from high school interns from the Biorocket Program at Genspace who used our show as a model to do some science storytelling themselves. We call their short audio stories, SNP-its, a play upon words from an acronym in genetics that stands for single nucleotide polymorphism and describes common mu...

Intronic Season Episode 2- Dat Rona Update: Trusting Vaccines While Black

Jun 30 • 21:23
We're BACK---well kind of...
This week we want to hit you with a new Rona update all about the development of coronavirus vaccines. This update is inspired by our fam on Black Twitter and the discourse popping up that’s claiming the vaccine will be created to intentionally do harm us Black folks.
Specifically folks who are weary of engaging in vaccine related research or ...

Intronic Season Ep. 1 - Know Your Genes from American Origin Stories Podcast

May 26 • 33:11
Welcome to…... the “Intronic Season”. During the intronic season we will be doing episode swaps with other podcasts that are closely related to our show or interviews from shows that I have been on. Some weeks we might just point you to a podcast to listen to, some weeks we might just drop some genetic knowledge on social media through our Henrietta Facts posts, and I will...

Gene-NINA Pt.2

Apr 20 • 01:20:10
In our season finale, we continue the discussion with our host, Dr. Jeff and lead producer Sam Riddell to discuss her journey to be becoming the first African American to receive a PhD in Human Genetics from Vanderbilt. We'll do a deep dive on her entire process and discuss how she overcame racism, sexism, and imposter syndrome all while still being focused on the communit...

Gene-NINA Pt.1

Apr 9 • 01:00:31
On this episode we’re bringing in our lead producer Sam Riddell to get into some questions about MY thoughts around genetic testing that y'all have been asking me all season. You'll also here Sam give the update on Dat Rona this week and we’re talking all about the SEVERE racial disparities when it comes to diagnoses and deaths resulting from COVID-19. We’re going to talk ...

All of Us

Apr 3 • 01:02:36
This week we take you on a genetics road trip to find disease cures and our GPS is the African genome! Then we will talk about National Research Initiative, All of Us, that is asking for 1 million samples from underrepresented communities like ours to better understand health outcomes for future generations to come. Then we travel 100 years into the future and imagine what...

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