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We’ve all had that those “I wish someone would have told me” moments, the “I’m so alone” moments and the occasional “it would be easier if I would just give up.” However, our purpose is to help you break down that barrier, learn to articulate the space you’re in, and become open to having aRead more

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But, God!

Jul 31 • 01:22:06

Family Matters

Jul 30 • 01:07:48

What About Your Friends?

Jul 11 • 01:06:21

As you continue to grow, how has the dynamic between you and your friends changed? Our personal relationships are often hit the hardest and usually the most neglected when change comes about but why? The reality is sometimes we're just being bad friends. But we also much acknowledge  how hard it can be to communicate and understand the changing dynamics because we are so c...

A Hobby, Passion, or a Career?

Jul 11 • 01:01:42

How do I know if something is a hobby, passion, or career? In this episode we walk through our own journeys to answering this question and also share a bit of what we've learned along the way. Being faced with so much external pressure to feel like everything we do has to have some greater purpose outside of fun can often have us neglecting the very thing that is set up to...

Touch My Body

May 16 • 01:01:56

Have you ever taken the time to think about all the things we put our physical body through? To the food we eat, the sexual encounters we have, the mental stress of trying to feel comfortable in our skin, etc.; it all plays a part in our relationship with our body. On this episode, we talk through this in depth by uncovering our own truths and struggles in learning to love...

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What ship are you on? Pt.2

Feb 28 • 51:10

What ship are you on? Pt.1

Feb 14 • 01:04:13

Kicking off season 2 of In the Midst Of, the crew is back to talk about their individual relationships and the lessons learned along the way over the last year. Each episode this season will talk about the relationships we have with various things we come across in life from money, career, love, family, etc. 

What ship are you on takes a look into all the different type of ...

Booked and Busy

May 3 • 58:17

I Look Like What?

Apr 19 • 37:32

It's now time to start bringing all these different layers together. In this episode, we break down how important it is for us to begin to clean up the way we walk in the world so we can begin to look recognizable to those who are suppose to be in our lives. Can we say leveling up? How are you presenting yourself when you walk into rooms? What are those around you having t...

There Are No Rules!

Apr 5 • 50:38

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