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email: legalterms@mpbonline.orgIn Legal Terms, hosted by Professor Richard Gershon from the University of Mississippi School of Law with some of Mississippi's top legal leaders and experts as guests, airs Tuesday mornings at 10 am central on MPB Think Radio and on mpbonline.orgHave you ever wantedRead more

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In Legal Terms: Family Law Task Force

Nov 30 • 49:15

Mississippi Family Law could be changing. There’s a task force considering reforms. We’ll learn what needs to be reformed and what some possible options are with our guest Judge Troy Odom.

In Legal Terms: SCOTUS

Nov 23 • 49:52

A new term of the US Supreme Court started last month. What have they discussed, what will they discuss, and who’s on the bench doing the discussing? Our guest for the show today is attorney Max Meyers from the Mississippi Center for Justice....

In Legal Terms: Tax Laws 2021

Nov 16 • 50:13

Every now and then I have to give a gift to Professor Gershon – a show about his favorite topic: the IRS tax code! So, this is your chance to ask about probing questions about IRAs and making charitable contributions – and other tax deductions.

In Legal Terms: Heirs' Property Help

Nov 9 • 51:01

We’ve got a topic today that you may be very familiar with and it’s been a headache your whole life or it’s a new concept for you – Heirs’ Property. What it is? Who does it affect? Learn with us today with our guests from the Mississippi Center for Justice: Vangela Wade, President and CEO and Andrea Barnes, director of the HP Project....

In Legal Terms: Gerrymandering 2021

Nov 2 • 50:00

Is it just too much of a temptation to draw the voting boundaries so that your party benefits? What’s that called? – oh, yes – gerrymandering. We’ve had the 2020 census, now is it time to redraw some districts? We’ll learn with University of Mississippi School of Law Professor Hans Sinha.

In Legal Terms: Miranda Rights

Oct 26 • 49:14

From MPB Think Radio, this In Legal Terms, the show all about you and your rights.              Our host is Professor Richard Gershon of the University Of Mississippi School Of Law.    ...

In Legal Terms: Money from College Sports

Oct 19 • 41:32

College kids have won the right to be compensated for their name, image, and likeness. Adults can now gamble on college sports. We’re going to talk about these new laws concerning making money off of college sports. We can’t take your legal calls today but we’d love for you to call and make a contribution to support In Legal Terms and MPB. 1-888 – 372 – GIVE 1-888-372-4483...

In Legal Terms: Elder Abuse

Oct 12 • 50:47

Sometimes you can fight for your rights. Sometimes you might need others to step in for you. We’re talking about Elder Abuse and undue influence with attorney Richard Courtney. Maybe you’ll hear something that will make a difference in the lives of those around you.

In Legal Terms: MS NAACP

Sep 28 • 50:24

We’re talking about the work of the Mississippi NAACP with guests Dr. Corey Wiggins, the Executive Director and the Rev Jimmy Richard, a volunteer with the MS NAACP who serves as the state Legal Redress Chair and President of the Pearl River County NAACP...

In Legal Terms: MS Black Women's Roundtable

Sep 21 • 51:36

We’re glad to welcome Cassandra Welchlin, Executive Director of the Mississippi Black Women’s Roundtable and consultant Jennifer Riley Collins. We’ll be taking about their efforts to promote equitable pay, healthcare, and workforce justice in Mississippi. ...

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