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Welcome to In Depth, a new podcast from First Round Review that’s dedicated to surfacing the tactical advice founders and startup leaders need to grow their teams, their companies and themselves. Hosted by Brett Berson, a partner at First Round, In Depth will cover a lot of ground and a wideRead more
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Best Episodes

Growing a consumer product from scratch to 1 billion users — Google Photos’ David Lieb

Feb 18, 2021

"Time is our most precious commodity. Where is the tool to help us spend it wisely?"




Today’s episode is with David Lieb, the Director of Google Photos. Previously, he was the founder/CEO of Bump, an app that allowed users to swap contact information by physically bumping phones. Bump was acquired by Google in 2013, and formed the basis for the design of Google Photos, whichRead more

Upstart just went public — CEO Dave Girouard shares why it isn’t a typical success story

Dec 22, 2020

" Fresh off IPO, Dave Girouard shares the story of how Upstart got built"




Today’s episode is with Dave Girouard, the CEO and co-founder of Upstart, an AI-powered lending platform that recently went public. Before founding Upstart, Dave was President of Google Enterprise, and spent 8 years building Google's billion dollar cloud apps business. Here at First Round, we firstRead more

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Plaid & Dropbox’s Jean-Denis Grèze’s playbook for building an engineering culture of ownership

Jan 14, 2021

"📢 Plaid’s Jean-Denis Grezè on pragmatism vs. perfection in engineering"




Today’s episode is with Jean-Denis Grèze, Head of Engineering at Plaid, which securely connects your bank to your apps. Before joining Plaid, Jean-Denis served as Director of Engineering at Dropbox, and even had a stint in law school and one year as a lawyer under his belt before diving deep intoRead more

From exec roles to board seats — Anne Raimondi’s leadership lessons for the startup C-Suite

Feb 4, 2021

" What makes the most successful executives stand apart, according to tech vet Anne Raimindi"




Today’s episode is with Anne Raimondi, Chief Customer Officer at Guru, and independent board member at Asana, Gusto and Patreon. Previously, she was part of the founding team at Blue Nile, spent five years in product marketing at eBay, and led marketing as an early employee at SurveyMonkey, beforeRead more

Molly Graham’s management lessons from Google, Facebook, Quip & Lambda School

Oct 29, 2020

"Lambda School’s Molly Graham on what management is *really* about"


Our first episode is with Molly Graham, a seasoned exec and builder who particularly excels at helping startups to go not from 0 to 1, but from 1 to 2. We’ve interviewed her four times on First Round Review — which might be a record — because the advice she has to share and the experiences she canRead more

Lessons from a first-time CEO — Steve El-Hage on learning everything the hard way

Nov 19, 2020

"Hire the people that did exactly what you needed them to do"


Our third episode is with Steve El-Hage, Founder and CEO of Drop (formerly Massdrop). Drop is an electronics brand that creates products based on feedback from enthusiast communities. Steve and Drop aren’t household names — you’ve very likely never heard of them. But we think his gritty growthRead more

Unpacking all the non-consensus moves in Atlassian’s story — Jay Simons

Dec 17, 2020

"Jay Simons reflects on Atlassian’s unconventional moves and building a product that sells itself"



Today’s episode is with Jay Simons, who’s currently a partner at Bond and serves on the boards of Hubspot and Zapier. But before that, he had a long run as the President of Atlassian, which develops software collaboration tools like Jira, Confluence and Trello. In today’s conversation, Jay divesRead more

Product lessons from Cash App & Carbon Health — Ayo Omojola on going “unreasonably deep”

Nov 12, 2020

" How Cash App created the Cash Card that people were jazzed to share on Twitter"


Our second episode is with Ayo Omojola, VP of Product at Carbon Health. Previously, he was the founding product manager on the banking team for Cash App at Square, where he co-created the Cash Card and helped build out Square’s technical banking infrastructure. He’s also a former founder of a YRead more

Partnerships lessons from Stripe & Notion — Cristina Cordova on creating win-win deals

Dec 10, 2020

"Cristina Cordova on getting your principles down on paper before making any deals "



Today’s episode is with Cristina Cordova, Notion’s Head of Platform & Partnerships. Previously, she was the 28th employee and the first partnerships hire at Stripe, where she cultivated partnerships with companies like Shopify, Squarespace and Apple, built out the BD org, and led their newRead more

An inside look at the system that will outlast Bezos—Bill Carr & Colin Bryar on lessons from Amazon

Feb 9, 2021

" Former Amazon exec Bill Carr on how Jeff Bezos pushed their thinking when they were building out the new digital media business"


Today’s episode is with Bill Carr and Colin Bryar, two long-time Amazon executives who just published a new book, “Working Backwards,” which provides an inside look at how the leadership principles and business processes that have made the company so successful. Bill started at Amazon in 1999, andRead more
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