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Impolite to Listen: Classical Music Conversations


Classical music taken out of the ivory tower and into the town square. Hosted by Chris Arkin (trumpet, piano) and Sridhar Bhagavathula (flute).

Popular episodes

ITL #27: What Makes Music Scary?

Oct 31 • 46:23

For this Halloween special, Chris and Sridhar ask: what makes music scary? They discuss "scary" associations with certain kinds of music, whether or not music can be intrinsically scary, classic scores for Alfred Hitchcock films, and Saint-Saëns' "Danse Macabre."...

ITL #26: Concerts in Caves

Oct 5 • 59:56

Chris and Sridhar discuss Beethoven’s 10th Symphony as completed by Artificial Intelligence, the role of AI in music, a pop quiz, and some superlative questions. Shots are fired, but it’s all in good fun....

ITL #25: The Jazz Loft

Sep 21 • 01:12:30

Chris and Sridhar discuss the documentary “The Jazz Loft According to W. Eugene Smith.” They also discuss the musical scenes and cultures of various cities and their orchestras....

ITL #24: I Love a Piano

Sep 7 • 49:37

Chris and Sridhar discuss big news in the classical music streaming world, Chris' first composition, composition technology, video game music, and the merits of the piano as an instrument....

ITL #23: Off the Record

Aug 23 • 01:33:41

Chris and Sridhar discuss some behind the scenes for Sridhar's recently released solo flute album, recording techniques, the merits of recording, and solo music in general. They also set "The Jazz Loft According to W. Eugene Smith" as homework and finish by veering into a vexillological tangent....

ITL #22: Vinyl Revival

Jul 12 • 01:19:55

Chris and Sridhar discuss orchestras’ concert programs as America tentatively opens up. Then they pilot a segment, “Vinyl Revival,” in which they each talk about all aspects—music, artwork, liner notes, etc.—of a record that they own. Today’s records are Frank Sinatra’s “Sinatra at the Sands” and Bob Dylan’s “Bringing It All Back Home.”...

ITL #21: The Grumpy Special

Jun 1 • 01:34:18

In this long awaited return, Chris and Sridhar discuss the ways in which classical music institutions might launch successful digital ventures, the pay what you can model, Steven Spielberg's 2021 remake of West Side Story, realism in musicals, and how La La Land is, surprisingly, a breath of fresh air....

ITL #20: Anniversary Special - Part III

Apr 22 • 35:48

Chris and Sridhar answer more questions in the final installment of the Anniversary Special: 1.) What’re your opinions on “pop” classical musicians such as André Rieu? 2.) Sridhar, have you ever played an Indian flute? 3.) Chris, how do I learn to play jazz? 4.) What is your favorite movie about classical music?...

ITL #19: Anniversary Special - Part II

Apr 20 • 33:41

Chris and Sridhar answer some more of your questions in the Anniversary Special sequel: 1.) What advice do you have for performance anxiety? 2.) What are your thoughts on music competitions? 3.) Can you tell us more about Chris’ page turning days? 4.) Have you guys ever performed together? 5.) What was the most surprising part about making a podcast?...

ITL #18: Anniversary Special - Part I

Apr 16 • 40:47

To celebrate the show's first anniversary, Chris and Sridhar answer some questions they have been asked over the year in three installments. Today's questions are: 1.) What orchestras or artistic organizations have done a good job handling the pandemic? 2.) Who do you think is the most underrated composer? 3.) What was your favorite class in music school?...

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