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I Will Teach You To Be Rich

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Imagine listening in on these raw, unfiltered conversations with real couples… One partner is in $300,000 in debt, but shrugs it off. The other cries at night, anxious about the future. A couple that’s so worried about money, they never feel they’ll have enough. When they eat out, they orderRead more

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19. “My husband has been promising that we’ll buy a house in a few months… for five years”

Nov 23 • 43:46

Brian is a struggling tech entrepreneur and relies on his wife, Serena, a physician with a stable income of $235,000, to support his family. Serena wants Brian to get a job and admit that his start-up isn’t working. She's extremely focused — perhaps too focused — on buying a house....

18. "He's the man & he should pay. We can't go on like this any more"

Nov 16 • 46:35

Monique expects Pablo to pay for her “as the man” in the relationship. Pablo wants “fairness” in a partner....

17. “I think he should pay for everything because he’s the man”

Nov 9 • 48:44

Monique is very open with what she wants in a relationship. “I always expected that fairytale love, the guy pays for everything, the guy opens the door, the guy waits to kiss me at the end of the night...”...

16. “We’re worth $8 million but I comparison shop for strawberries”

Nov 2 • 48:44

When Chris shops for food online, he compares the cost of almond milk and strawberries to save a few dollars. He spends hours agonizing over the most economical flight routes. He even stopped and picked up a used stroller from someone’s driveway....

15. “I have a $1 million trust fund and I’m scared to spend money on food”

Oct 26 • 45:54

Andy and Kate bring in $200,000 a year and live rent free. Andy feels bad about money every day. His partner, Kate, says she wants to work as a financial team, but she walks on eggshells. Andy wants to make her happy, but he has a poor relationship with money....

14. “I hide my spending from my husband”

Oct 19 • 39:16

Meet Chuck and Mary. With a household income of $450,000 a year, they’re wealthy, but they’re not living A Rich Life. Mary spends money--in secret -- and feels judged when she makes “frivolous” designer bag purchases.  Meanwhile, Chuck feels he can’t invest in a personal trainer. ...

13. “I’m dumb with money and he’s making me feel worse”

Oct 12 • 47:06

A few years ago, Adam spent nine months aggressively paying off $75,000 in debt. He loved it. It gave him a purpose and he was happy to work seven days a week to pay it off quickly....

12. "My husband won't talk about money with me"

Oct 5 • 47:17

Laura came to me frustrated about their bathroom. She wants to renovate it, but Greg isn’t interested. In fact, he doesn’t really want to talk about money at all....

11. “My wife wants to quit her job but I’m worried about money”

Sep 28 • 35:13

Nicole and John have already won the money game. Combined, they bring in $650,000 a year. But it's not an even split. Nicole currently earns $150,000 and would like to leave her stable job to create a startup. John feels this gamble has not been discussed at length. They keep talking about “having the conversation,” but they never do....

10. “Money is overwhelming, so we find instant gratification elsewhere.”

Sep 21 • 41:44

Jacques and Jennifer are stuck in a money rut. They are trapped by their $40,000 debt. Jennifer feels overwhelmed with money talk, and Jaques doesn't want to say no to his wife. When he comes home from work, they’re both tired, so they order takeout, overspend...and repeat the cycle....

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