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I’ve Got a Secret! with Robin McGraw


Robin’s got a secret- actually LOTS of secrets- and she's ready to share them all with YOU! Grab your girlfriends and tune in to feel empowered and informed to live your happiest and healthiest life. Consider this your weekly girl time! Robin leads discussions and interviews with the world’s mostRead more

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The Secret to the Aura Rainbow! (with Mystic Michaela)

Dec 1 • 42:14

Have you ever felt a “vibe” about someone without being able to explain why? Well this week's guest, aura reader Mystic Michaela, sees these vibes as colors! Michaela describes what an aura is, why it’s important, and how to use an aura reading to live your most authentic life. Robin and Michaela talk about which famous celebrities have rare aura colors, and even dive into...

The Secret to Inhaling Peace, Exhaling That Stress! (with Rebecca Kordecki)

Nov 24 • 44:05

Breathe in... breathe out... doesn't that feel nice? Breathwork expert and celebrity trainer, Rebecca Kordecki, teaches the power of utilizing breathing patterns to naturally reduce anxiety, stress, anger, and depression. This scientifically-backed tool can be the missing link you need in order to unlock your most peaceful and fulfilled life... and it's FREE! Rebecca teach...

The Secret to Clean and Joyful Eating! (with Daphne Oz)

Nov 17 • 55:58

Friend of the podcast, Daphne Oz, stops by to give us a lesson on how to live healthy and clean without sacrificing your LOVE of eating! Daphne recounts how she lost 50 pounds after giving birth to her 4th child (hint: no restriction needed), and shares her secrets with the Squad. Robin and Daphne talk about our ever-changing body image, the myth of "having it all," and wh...

The Secret to Writing a Beautiful Life (with Mitch Albom)

Nov 10 • 01:00:37

Author Mitch Albom, the man behind the iconic Tuesdays with Morrie memoir, comes by the studio to talk about finding inspiration, living a life with no regrets, and amplifying the voices of the powerless. You'll be fascinated to hear about the backstory of Tuesdays with Morrie, and why Mitch almost didn't even meet Morrie! He reveals intimate details about how he reconnect...

The Secret to Shopping CLEAN! (with Susanne Langmuir)

Nov 3 • 52:13

We’ve all heard about “clean” products: clean beauty, clean makeup, clean home products… but what actually makes an item “clean?” And what are these chemicals doing to our bodies? If you've never looked at the ingredients list on your makeup, skincare, or cleaning supplies, then this episode is for YOU! Susanne Langmuir, serial entrepreneur for clean wellness products and ...

The Secret to Kicking the Habit! (with Dr. Jud Brewer)

Oct 27 • 01:01:36

Alright, let’s get real: we all have AT LEAST one bad habit. Whether it’s biting your nails, gossiping, oversleeping, stress eating… the list goes on and on and we’re ALL guilty! We’re human! Renowned neuroscientist and addiction psychiatrist, Dr. Jud Brewer, stops by to help us kick our bad habits once and for all! With Dr. Brewer’s innovative “mindfulness” technique for ...

The Secret to Going with Your Gut! (with Laura Day)

Oct 20 • 01:07:54

Did you know that there is scientific evidence that says you should "go with your gut" more often? Intuition Coach and Consultant, Laura Day, has coached celebrities like Brad Pitt and Demi Moore on becoming masters of their intuition, and now she's giving the Secret Squad a crash course! Laura explains how our intuition statistically leads us to the correct answer more of...

The Secret to Dancing to the Beat of Your Soul (with Tiler Peck)

Oct 13 • 45:01

Dance your heart out! Tiler Peck, Prima Ballerina at the New York City Ballet, chats about the passion, dedication, and resilience that it takes to become a professional ballerina. She talks about how she's able to get through her long weeks (you will NOT believe the schedule of a ballerina!), and how she rests and recovers. Tiler dives into the debilitating neck injury th...

The Secret to Natural Facial Rejuvenation (with Karina Sulzer)

Sep 29 • 57:16

Learn to lift, tighten, and shape... with NO NEEDLES! Karina Sulzer, Founder of Skin Gym and Skin Camp, sits with Robin to discuss how to massage, cup, and roll your way into youthful skin. Karina talks about how- in the same way that you take your body to the gym to work out and get toned- you can do the same for your facial muscles! She explains how regular facial massag...

The Secret to Always Being Fun & Fabulous! (with Melissa Rivers)

Sep 22 • 51:40

Melissa Rivers always brings the FUN! This episode will keep you laughing as Robin and Melissa catch up on family, fashion, and the little moments that you never see on tv! Melissa reveals her most CRINGE WORTHY red-carpet interviews, who she loves to see at awards shows, and who HER fashion icon is! Robin talks about her recent Girls Trip to Cabo (the Drink of the Day is ...

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