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iNTO THE FRAY executes one-on-one conversations with top-rated investigators and experiencers in various fields...including Cryptozoology, the paranormal, UFOlogy, true crime, and all other manners of the supernatural. Join Shannon LeGro every Thursday at 7pm PST as she speaks to those withRead more

Popular episodes

iTF 320: Beyond Stranger US

Dec 3 • 01:02:35

Author, John Olsen joins me once again to cover some encounters from his newest book, 'Beyond Stranger US: True Paranormal Stories from Across North America.'...

iTF 319: Cryptospooky Kentucky

Nov 26 • 01:29:05

Researcher and experiencer, Gary Moreland talks Bigfoot and Dogman sightings, little people, extreme haunting activity in a previous home, and more......

iTF 318: Gypsies in the Graveyard

Nov 19 • 44:36

Author, Jon R. Meyers speaks about various encounters growing up in Illinois....

iTF 317: Bigfoot of Sigel, PA

Nov 12 • 01:06:37

Travis speaks about an active turkey hunting property in Pennsylvania. Vocalizations, tree knocks, and a very close encounter is discussed....

iTF 316: Mississippi- Cryptids, Ghosts, and Spook Lights

Nov 5 • 01:34:44

A former law enforcement officer joins me to discuss a very active property in Mississippi. This property saw part of the Battle of Tupelo, the possible appointing of a Chief of the Chickasaw Tribe, large, black cats, spook lights, shadow people, possible Bigfoot activity, and more. ...

iTF 315: 6th Annual AllHallowe'en with Steve Stockton and Sysco Murdoch

Oct 29 • 01:19:19

Steve Stockton and Sysco Murdoch return for an iTF Halloween tradition. Both natural story-tellers with their own creepy encounters to share, Steve and Sysco tell of their oddly-timed connection to the Titanic, the Hoover House at Gettysburg, the pile of wallets, and more....

iTF 314: Erie Roadtrip with Connor Flynn

Oct 22 • 01:45:11

Connor Flynn took to the road for four years to investigate and visit some of the country's hotspots for odd creatures, spirits, Bigfoot, and other strange anomalies. He shares a few experiences that range from Dogman, near abductions, DMT, a Hadal-like creature, and more....

iTF 313: Demon in the Mirror

Oct 15 • 01:18:36

Gareth joins me from London, UK to share his experiences after a mirror with dark attachments begin affecting he and his family....

iTF 312: The Darkness Rises: Part Four

Oct 8 • 01:02:22

James Salsido of Salsido Paranormal joins me once again to share more family paranormal encounters, and some recent ones of his own. ...

iTF 311: The Elemental-Somerset, UK

Oct 1 • 01:52:50

Debbie shares various experiences with a "Predator-type" entity both in and near her home. And, this entity seems to have brought along or attracted others as well....

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