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HyperScheme: Tesla FSD V9 Thoughts 🚘🧠

Jul 18 • 49:28

After spending a week driving Tesla's FSD V9 software all around Seattle, here are my thoughts. This is V1 of Tesla Vision (no radar), and it already preforms better than V8.2 (vision + radar), additionally, huge improvements have been made to the visualization, and 'Mind of Car' view. Although we are still 1-2 years away (at least, probably) from a truly self-driving car,...

Can Alex Mashinsky get me to join Celsius?

Jul 16 • 44:03

Interview with Celsius CEO/Founder Alex Mashinsky. We discuss how Celsius is building a new type of crypto bank, offering a suite of financial services for 14 different blockchains, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Celsius allows users to earn interest/income on their crypto, with rates as high as 8-9% annually. We dive into how this business model works, and whether or not...

HyperScheme: My Investment Portfolio

Jul 11 • 52:56

Showing you my stock/crypto/startup portfolio. We go through why I own Tesla, SpaceX, Bitcoin, Ethereum (and 23 more investments), as well as how I think about structuring my portfolio and balance conviction with upside potential. Please let me know what you think in the comments below!! I want to scheme on this! :) Also next week's podcast will include a lot more Patreon ...

HyperScheme: Inflation, Robinhood IPO & TSLA Valuation

Jul 7 • 42:42

US inflation is rising rapidly, is this the new normal? Robinhood is set to IPO for a ~$50B market cap, do you think they will brush off all the SEC fines and controversy? The Boring Company is no longer just a tweet, it's got a fully functional Loop tunnel in Las Vegas! Tesla's near term stock movement will probably have a lot to do with FSD progress ... and more covered ...

Tesla Production Surpasses 800K Cars Per Year 🎉

Jul 2 • 06:15

Tesla reports 201,250 deliveries for Q2 2021, an increase of more than 100% from last year. This puts Tesla on track for the magical 1M/car/yr run-rate by the end of 2021. These awesome delivery numbers imply ~$11.5B in revenue and huge profits/cashflow. That's great, but we are just getting started, Tesla is poised to post record deliveries again in Q3 and Q4, and probabl...

HyperCharts: First Principles of Stock Research 🤓📊 w/ Moe Salih

Jun 29 • 42:32

Interview with Moe Salih, Co-Founder of HyperCharts, about how he's using software to turn SEC filing data/complex financials into easy to read charts. One chart is worth 1,000 numbers! In just two years we've expanded HyperCharts from 5 companies (at launch) to 200+ and all the top cryptocurrencies. HyperCharts is my favorite tool for investment research, and it's the fir...

Seattle Is Melting! Elon, we need Tesla AC! 🥵

Jun 28 • 03:10

Seattle is poised to hit a record 108 degrees this week! By far the hottest ever! You've never needed AC in Seattle before, but climate change is coming in hot, literally. The time is now for Tesla and Elon Musk to push their AC/smarthome HVAC product forward. We need an energy efficient way to heat and cool our homes, and Seattle is just the first city to encounter this p...

Boxabl Founder Interview w/ Galiano Tiramani

Jun 24 • 24:07

Should Tesla Buy Boxabl?

Jun 23 • 05:09

We're schemin! Elon Musk is living in a Boxabl house in Starbase, Texas. Is this a fun fact, or clue about Tesla's next crazy product line/acquisition? Maybe a little of both. Boxabl's $50,000 Casita could be the future of housing on Earth and Mars ... combining it with Tesla engineers, smart HVAC, solarroof, Starlink and a battery = the future of carbon neutral living. Wh...

Tesla HVAC: The Gamechanger No One Expects 🏠

Jun 16 • 08:59

Elon Musk continues to hint about scaling up Tesla's HVAC technology into homes. I think this could be Tesla's next big unannounced product line. Between 40-50% of household energy consumption comes from heating and cooling. Tesla has the opportunity to install more energy efficient systems, combined with smart heating/cooling, and air filtration to hyperchange this indust...

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