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The Hustle is a show dedicated to the evolution of the craft of digital product design. We chat with product design captains, inspiring designers, thought leaders, agency owners, and the Funsize team about life, leadership, design, and culture. Hosted by Funsize's Partner and Head of Design,Read more

Popular episodes

Follow Your Fears for Inspiration (Kevin Hawkins, BookClub)

Nov 15 • 01:01:56

Kevin Hawkins is thedirector of product design at BookClub—an online platform that brings authors and readers together. He is also an award-winning, multi-disciplinary design leader and educator with over 12 years of experience building communities and launching products....

Insert Country Here: Design Teams Without Limits (Michael Holzer, Google Payments)

Sep 20 • 52:02

Michael Holzer is the director of UX at Google Payments and has been at Google for over eight years. He is a passionate, entrepreneurial design leader currently focused on building and operating large-scale creative teams working on new mediums and technologies....

Agency Ownership in a Post-Pandemic World (Alli Metall, Metall)

Jul 26 • 41:09

Alli Metall is a husband, father, and designer living in Reykjavík, Iceland. He was born in Húsavík, Iceland--a small town on the northern coast (also famed as the setting of Netflix's Eurovision Song Contest). He began his career playing guitar in death metal and jazz bands and soon combined his interests in music and computer games to a career in design. After a brief ag...

Critique vs. Criticism: Creating a Safe Space to Share (Aaron Irizarry, Capital One)

Jun 10 • 49:33

Aaron “Ron” Irizarry, is the Sr. Director, Servicing Platforms Design at Capital One. He loves all things user experience, problem-solving, and design process. Having worked for Fox/IGN, HP, Nasdaq, and now Capital One, Aaron loves sinking his teeth into complex problems. In addition to his day job, Aaron speaks at events and provides training for companies on design team ...

Leading with Vision (Toke Nygaard, Zendesk)

Apr 2 • 48:00

In this first episode with Tony Sanchez as an official co-host, we were honored to be joined by a design legend. ...

Our Journey Through 2020 (Anthony and Natalie Armendariz, Funsize)

Jan 13 • 01:10:19

For the last episode recorded in 2020, we flip the spotlight onto our founders, Anthony and Natalie Armendariz, to walk us through the challenging, chaotic and — at times — exciting journey that was 2020. In a year that provided surprises and obstacles for just about every human being on the planet, we wanted to tell our agency's part of the story. We hope you enjoy....

The Not-So-Secret Life of Design Managers (Ted Boda, Instagram)

Oct 20 • 45:35

Ted Boda is currently a Product Design Manager on the Well-Being team at Instagram. He is also a former Director of Design at Udacity, former Senior Designer at Nest Labs, former Lead Mobile Designer at Netflix and a former Lead UI Designer for Keynote at Apple (where, interestingly enough, he worked on some of the slides used for Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth). With all...

Designing Community and Culture on a Global Scale (Margaret Lee, Google)

Sep 30 • 45:54

Margaret Lee is the Director of UX Community & Culture at Google. A self-described "reluctant leader," she heads up programs that unite departments across the company and create Google career opportunities for those who might not typically have access. Margaret created this role for herself a few years ago when she noticed there was an opportunity to put more intention beh...

Strengthen Your Team by Focusing on the Individual (Braden Kowitz, Range)

Sep 14 • 49:49

Braden Kowitz is a former design partner at Google Ventures, where he had the opportunity to work with startups like ClassPass, Gusto, Slack, Medium, Flatiron Health, TuneIn, BlueBottle Coffee, 23andMe, One Medical Group, HubSpot, RetailMeNot, Nest and more.  He is the co-author of NY Times Best Seller, Sprint, and the co-founder of Range, a tool that keeps teams connected...

Adaptability in the World of Workshop Facilitation (Douglas Ferguson, Voltage Control)

Aug 26 • 51:47

Douglas Ferguson is an entrepreneur and human-centered technologist with over 20 years of experience. He is the founder and president of Voltage Control, an Austin-based facilitation agency that specializes in helping teams work better together through participatory decision making and design inspired facilitation techniques. He has helped transform teams from U.S. SOCOM, ...

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