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Join me, Emily Abbate, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a good time. Hurdle is a wellness-focused podcast where I sit down with inspiring individuals to talk about everything from their big wins to how they’ve gotten through some of life’s toughest moments. On the show, you can expectRead more

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5-MINUTE FRIDAY: Don't Let Comparison Steal Your Joy

Nov 26 • 09:32

The last episode in season 7! HOW? When!? Time is flying. Today, I'm talking about a lesson that hit home for me today at the Pequot Runners' Turkey Trot. I've been running this race for four years, and for the past three years — I ran a faster time each one. For 5-MINUTE FRIDAY this week, I'm talking about why it's OK not to continue that trend. ...

#HURDLEMOMENT: Your Dental Health Questions Answered With Dr. Staci Whitman

Nov 24 • 47:16

I have wanted to chat with a dentist about dental health on the show for a WHILE, and I'm so happy this expert is Dr. Staci Whitman. Dr. Whitman is a functional and holistic dentist based in Portland, and WOW did this conversation blow my mind. We talk about it all: The things you MUST be doing to take care of your oral health aside from regular brushing, the major mistake...

185. Jordan Chiles, Gymnast & Olympic Silver Medalist

Nov 22 • 56:11

In 2021, millions learned Jordan Chiles name. The 20-year-old made waves at this year’s summer games by stepping in for best friend and teammate Simone Biles after Biles withdrew from the team competition following a shaky showing on the vault. For episode 185, we talk all about that moment in Tokyo, what it felt like to get that silver medal, and the necessary conversatio...

5-MINUTE FRIDAY: On Recognizing Your Past To Really Appreciate Your Present

Nov 19 • 07:40

The other day I had a little midday field trip that took me down Memory Lane. Today, I'm talking about focusing on the future instead of dwelling on the past, and finding the silver linings....

#HURDLEMOMENT: Tips To Navigate Injury From Olympian & Pro Runner Emily Sisson

Nov 17 • 41:57

It was amazing to watch Emily Sisson, a pro runner for New Balance, crush the 10K at the Olympic trials and make her way to the 2020 Olympics. But little did we know that heading into the Tokyo Games, she was navigating a debilitating knee injury. In today's installment of #HURDLEMOMENT, her and I chat all about it — unpacking how we've struggled with injury over 2021. She...

184. DiDi Richards, WNBA Player

Nov 15 • 01:01:28

On October 24, 2020, DiDi Richards' life changed forever. In a freak accident scrimmaging on the court at Baylor, Richards ended up temporarily paralyzed. For episode 184, she tells me the entire story: What happened, the road to recovery, the longterm emotional and mental anguish, and exactly how she was back on the court 38 days later (and in the WNBA within a year). We ...

5-MINUTE FRIDAY: On Setting (& Maintaining!) Boundaries With Zero Guilt

Nov 12 • 09:23

Last week I made a lot of deliberate choices reinforcing my boundaries, setting myself up in the best way possible to both run the marathon and interview a slew of women I admire. This week for 5-MINUTE FRIDAY, I'm talking about how that felt and how I got to a place where I'm executing on my boundaries with zero guilt....

#HURDLEMOMENT: The New York City Marathon, A Recap

Nov 10 • 33:14

3:42:53, what a time. For today's #hurdlemoment, I'm diving into the play-by-play. What happened mile-by-mile, how I feel about my time, the moments that meant the world, and how I managed everything from my nutrition to my attitude. The biggest thank you to everyone who showed up for me, both in-person and via texts, DMs, and emails. Your support means the world to me....

183. Shalane Flanagan, Live at the New York City Marathon

Nov 9 • 01:11:31

As a runner, to get advice from 4-time Olympian (and silver medalist!) Shalane Flanagan the day before running the New York City Marathon is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But as the host of this show? It was unbelievable to sit down with her LIVE and in-person at the culmination of Project Eclipse, a 6-marathon journey over 42 days in which Shalane taught us all that s...

5-MINUTE FRIDAY: Whatever Happens, Happens — Then, Learn From It

Nov 5 • 07:58

Well, here we are. Reflecting on the bigger picture heading into NYC Marathon weekend, with a lot of fun stuff on deck (aside from, ya know, the marathon). I didn't come this far to only come this far, and I'm grateful that you're all along for the ride....

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