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How We Survive

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The climate crisis is here. Time is slipping away to stop the worst effects of global warming, and the world is looking for solutions. On “How We Survive,” Molly Wood explores the technology that could provide some of those solutions, the business of acclimatizing to an increasingly inhospitableRead more

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How We Change

Nov 24 • 34:34

Technology will help us avoid the worst outcomes of the climate crisis, and it’ll help us adapt to a warming planet. But technology alone can’t save us. Humans need to make profound changes. We need to change our behavior, our consumption, our policies and our mindsets....

The Better Battery

Nov 17 • 28:17
Imagine a future where all the lithium we need has already been extracted from the ground and is endlessly recycled. Or where the batteries we use to store renewable energy are made from abundantly available materials — like salt.
This episode, we visit a lab where a couple of brilliant scientists are trying to build the batteries of the future. And we drop in on a company ...

Sci-Fi Intermission

Nov 10 • 21:11
Our favorite place to look for climate solutions: Science fiction. In fact, sci-fi(and its sub-genre, cli-fi) is what got us thinking about adaptation in the first place.  
Cli-fi can get a little bleak — weather turns deadly; earth becomes uninhabitable; humans flee to space. And while it’s entertaining to imagine the worst-case scenarios, the best of the writing is hopefu...

Gnarly Brine

Nov 3 • 33:15

Our journey through the California desert continues. We visit the quiet front-runner in the race to extract lithium from the superhot, corrosive brine bubbling underground. And we dive into the past to look at an earlier attempt to harvest lithium from the Salton Sea. That project ended in failure, but its patents live on. And those patents could be a roadblock for the com...

The resource

Oct 27 • 36:20
We’re back on the road this week, to California’sSalton Sea, a salty lake in the desert that was once marketed as“Palm Springs with water.Today the water is receding and increasingly toxic.The community that once thrived here now has one of the highest unemploymentrates in the country. 
But there is some hope. There’s a huge amount oflithium all around the Salton Sea in th...

Electrify Everything

Oct 20 • 28:42
To survive the climate crisis, we need to electrify everything: our cars, of course, but also our appliances, homes, mass transit, entire neighborhoods and cities. Everything
That’s no small task. So to better understand why electrifying everything matters, and how we’re going to do it,we look at the aftermath of a natural disaster and talk to one man who used batteries t...

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The Necessary Evil

Oct 13 • 33:10

Mining is a complicated business. It’s destructive, it’s dangerous. But in order to get the lithium we need to power the energy transition, mining could be a necessary evil....

White Gold

Oct 6 • 35:55
To get off fossil fuels, you need a lot of batteries. To get a lot of batteries, you need to mine a lot of lithium. Welcome to Thacker Pass, Nevada, where a proposed lithium mine has sparked protestsfrom farmers, ranchers and the native PaiuteShoshone tribe.
Some tribal members reject the idea that they should sacrifice their ancestral home for the climate fight, while oth...

Introducing “How We Survive”

Sep 21 • 03:40

On “How We Survive,” Molly Wood explores the technology that could provide some of those solutions, the business of acclimatizing to an increasingly inhospitable planet, and the way people have to change if we’re going to make it in an altered world....

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