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How to Talk to [Mamí & Papí] about Anything

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Real-life scenarios and practical, professional advice for adult children of immigrants on talking to our parents about stuff that’s taboo to them.

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OG Check-in: Feeling the Pressures of Being the First to Graduate College

Nov 29 • 15:31

Walter couldn't tell his Mexican parents about the pressures he faced in college and law school. And when he decided he needed a break before taking the bar, he faced increased self-doubt. ...

OG Check-in: Even a Pro Finds It Hard to Talk about Racism with Dad

Nov 22 • 14:18

Last year, Estefanía had a hard time speaking with her Puerto Rican dad about systemic racism and anti-blackness. She returns to the show as a licensed clinical social worker to share her insights from working through similar issues with her own first-gen clients....

OG Check-in: Toddler Son Is Teaching Her about Being Different

Nov 15 • 18:22

Our OGs are back! For the next few episodes, we're checking in with some of our original guests. When we spoke last year, Daniella struggled to help her parents understand her son's developmental delays. Since then, he has received an official diagnosis and is teaching the whole family how to support him best....

When Parents Going Back 'Home' Changes Everything

Nov 8 • 18:17

After living in the U.S. for 40 years, Eddie's parents surprise him with the news that they're moving back to South Korea. And, psychologist Sarah H. Moon  helps us grieve and celebrate our parents' lives and triumphs....

Everyone's Asking "Are You Pregnant Yet?"

Nov 1 • 17:49

The pandemic has made Annika reconsider having children, but the pressure from her Indian relatives is intense. And sociologist Farha Ternikar breaks down cultural expectations around motherhood, and offers guidance for pushing back....

Abuela Is Against Trick-or-Treating

Oct 25 • 19:27

Conny and her 4-year-old daughter love Halloween, but since celebrating the holiday goes against the family's religious beliefs, Conny's mom strongly opposes it. And therapist Catalina Fortich is back to share tips for handling healthy conflict....

Telling Mamí You Use Weed

Oct 18 • 19:21

Ana Sheila wants her traditional Mexican mom to know about her cannabis use. But the stigma around recreational drug use stops her. And Oriana Mayorga, an activist with Students for Sensible Drug Policy, shares strategies for speaking with parents about drugs with a social justice lens.   ...

When Mom Body Shames You

Oct 11 • 20:44

V. Chau is pushing back against their mother's preoccupation with their weight and eating habits. And psychologist Yuying Tsong, who studies Asian American body image, speaks with Juleyka about disordered eating within immigrant families....

This Mom Is Decolonizing Her Parenting

Oct 4 • 18:57

Gisselle wants to be a different kind of mom, but her gentle parenting choices sometimes rub up against how her Dominican parents interact with her two boys. And Leslie Priscilla, founder of Latinx Parenting, speaks with Juleyka about "Chancla Culture" and decolonizing our parenting without antagonizing those who raised us....

Arranged Marriage, No Thanks Mom

Sep 27 • 19:54

Chai is looking for chemistry, love and romance, but her Indian mother has a different idea, and feels responsible for finding her a husband. And Varsha Mathur, a dating and relationship coach, speaks with Juleyka about how to help parents understand what you want in romantic relationships....

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