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How To Talk To Girls Podcast

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Tripp Kramer ( is a dating coach for men teaching them how to attract and keep the type of girls they truly desire. After coaching thousands of clients for 10 years, Tripp discovered the quickest and most practical way to help men become their most attractive and confidentRead more

Popular episodes

Loser Mentality Vs. Winner Mentality

Dec 6 • 45:07

Girls love to be around guys who have a winner mentality. So let's cover the differences in the way winners and losers think so you can date higher quality girls. Then Q&A: should you date w/o a job, what it means when she's "focused on her career" and where to meet Jewish women....

3 Dating App Hacks That TRIPLE Your Matches

Dec 2 • 21:24

Online dating works when you put in the time, effort, and creativity upstream to make your profile and photos as attention getting as they can be. This formula works no matter your looks or status. Here's the 3 things to do first so you get more matches, dates, and relationships....

How To Master Dirty Talk In The Bedroom

Nov 29 • 48:06

Talking dirty to a girl is one of those things that all girls enjoy hearing, but very few guys know how to do. Laurel House is a sex coach for men and she's going to share what to say to a girl just before and during sex that gets her so turned on she'll do anything you tell her....

How To Have The Perfect Smile & Best Breath

Nov 25 • 01:00:01

Bad breath is a common complaint that I hear from girls about guys. Corina is a dental hygienist with a popular TikTok channel and will show you how to always have fresh good smelling breath that girls will love. Do these steps anyway because every guy with bad breath is unaware....

How To Know If You’re Getting Better With Women

Nov 22 • 31:01

This is the method I used when I first started going out and learning how to approach, flirt, and get numbers from girls. This analogy will help you determine where you currently are and what improvements you need to make which will take your experience with dating to new levels....

Your #1 Strategy To Approach Women Without Fear & Anxiety

Nov 18 • 30:02

If approach anxiety and nervousness prevent you from going over and talking to cute girls, then you must change your pattern of thinking. So let's cover a new mindset that will raise your confidence and make approaching women feel as natural as talking to your female best friend....

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others! (here’s how…)

Nov 15 • 39:16

You'll learn how to avoid FOMO and be happier, why average is actually a good place to be, where to meet nerdy girls, why girls suddenly go cold when things were great, how to improve small talk, if you should date mothers and why now is the easiest time in history to make money....

Sex Conversations You Can Have On A First Date With Dr. Tara

Nov 11 • 52:05

Dissatisfactory sex lives is one of the main reasons many men and women walk around upset and on edge. Dr. Tara is a sex coach and will show you how to talk to girls about sex whether on a date or in a relationship and how to take her to a more satisfying and fulfilling sex life....

Threesome Expert Reveals Best Way To Have A Threesome

Nov 8 • 47:42

You can have a threesome with two enthusiastic beautiful women whether you're single or in a relationship. Erin Kaley is a sex, love and play coach and will show you the best way to make this happen through open communication, identifying boundaries, and getting on the same page....

A Female’s Perspective On First Dates & Relationships

Nov 4 • 46:07

Knowing what goes on inside the mind of beautiful women is the first step to connecting with them. So today Kayla Barriage 22 Toronto, will share her perspective on things like being shallow, what she wishes guys would do on dates and one night stands versus a toxic relationship....

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