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Remember all that stuff that they didn’t teach you in school? No? Well, How To Money is here to discuss everything from taxes to first jobs, superannuation to credit cards. Join Kate as she takes on the task of demystifying the confusing world of money, and helps kick start your financial educationRead more

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Investing From an Early Age with AussieMoneyMan

Mar 23 • 28:02
In this slightly different episode of the How To Money Podcast, Kate spoke to Nick from AussieMoneyMan, an Australian financial YouTube channel. Kate and Nick have a fun chat about money mistakes, growing your net worth, starting to invest from a young age, and helpful personal finance resources to use.

Note: I’ve been having a few months break from the podcast while I get ...

Personal Branding and Career Skills Heading into 2021

Dec 13 • 44:33
What do you stand for and how do you communicate this to the world?

In this episode of the How To Money Podcast, Kate spoke to Bec Brown from The Comms Department, a PR, corporate communications and crisis management agency. Kate and Bec discuss the myth of following your passion, essential career skills for young Aussies heading into 2021, maintaining work-life balance and...

Creating Positive Financial Habits with Dr Gina Cleo

Nov 29 • 26:28
Are your habits holding you back from achieving your financial goals?

In this episode of the How To Money Podcast, Kate chatted to Dr Gina Cleo, who has a PhD from Bond University in habit change. Kate and Gina discuss what habits are, strategies for creating good habits and breaking bad ones and some of the ways we can change our habits to improve our financial wellbeing.


Buying a House at Auction (Expert Tips & Strategies)

Nov 21 • 32:33
In this episode of the How To Money Podcast, Kate spoke to Veronica Morgan from Good Deeds Property Buyers, and is one of Australia’s leading buyer’s agents with over 20 years of industry experience. Kate and Veronica discuss common mistakes first home buyers make, basic principles of auctions in Australia and some key strategies and techniques to keep in mind at auctions.

Investing and Robo-Advice in Australia with Stockspot

Oct 28 • 29:13
In this episode of the How To Money Podcast, Kate spoke to Chris Brycki from Stockspot, an online investment advice (robo-advice) service in Australia. Kate and Chris discuss what robo-investing is and how it differs from other investment options, how the industry is regulated in Australia, diversification with ETFs and how investors should think about rebalancing their in...

Ethical Investing and Your Super

Oct 17 • 27:59

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Building Financial Resilience in Australia (Financial Inclusion Week Bonus Episode)

Oct 17 • 27:57
In this episode of the How To Money Podcast, Kate spoke to Vinita Godinho, the Managing Director and CEO of Financial Resilience Australia. Kate and Vinita discuss the idea of financial resilience in Australia, how to improve our own financial wellbeing and strategies to equip our broader community with a strong financial framework.

***This episode was recorded remotely, we...

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