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Remember all that stuff that they didn’t teach you in school? No? Well, How To Money is here to discuss everything from taxes to first jobs, superannuation to credit cards. Join Kate as she takes on the task of demystifying the confusing world of money, and helps kick start your financial educationRead more
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Best Episodes

Building Financial Resilience in Australia (Financial Inclusion Week Bonus Episode)

Oct 17, 2020

"Building financial well-being and resilience in Australia 🇦🇺 "


In this episode of the How To Money Podcast, Kate spoke to Vinita Godinho, the Managing Director and CEO of Financial Resilience Australia. Kate and Vinita discuss the idea of financial resilience in Australia, how to improve our own financial wellbeing and strategies to equip our broader communityRead more

Financial Autonomy & Starting a Business with Paul Benson

Aug 22, 2020

"If you build out a broad life plan, then you can start figuring out your goals from there! "


In this episode of the How To Money Podcast, Kate spoke to Paul Benson. Paul is a qualified financial advisor at Guidance Financial Services, host of the Financial Autonomy Podcast and newly published author of Financial Autonomy. Kate and Paul discuss finding your own path to financial success,Read more

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Ethical Investing and Your Super

Oct 17, 2020

" Active ownership and engagement is a key tool in ESG investing"


In this episode of the How To Money Podcast, Kate spoke to Skye King from NGS Super, an industry superfund for those in non-government education and community organisations. Kate and Skye discuss how ethical investing works, getting involved with your superfund and how young Aussie can investRead more
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