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Remember all that stuff that they didn’t teach you in school? No? Well, How To Money is here to discuss everything from taxes to first jobs, superannuation to credit cards. Join Kate as she takes on the task of demystifying the confusing world of money, and helps kick start your financial educationRead more

Popular episodes

Careers in Finance & Getting Your Foot in The Door

Nov 28 • 37:16
Throw out your stereotypes of the finance industry, as Camilla Love (CEO of eInvest), gives you a fresh take on the myriad of opportunities available in the industry. Whether you're a numbers person or want to design the next big thing, there's a pathway for you in finance.

In this episode of How To Money, Camilla shares more about her company eInvest and how active ETFs wo...

Making an Impact With Your Money | Feat. Tanja Hester

Nov 7 • 34:16
Do you want to use your money and time to challenge the status quo?

In this episode of How To Money, Kate Campbell chats to the wonderful Tanja Hester from the US, who is an influential figure in the financial independence and work optional movement. She's the author of Work Optional, and her latest book Wallet Activism is being released in late 2021.

Money doesn't exist in ...

What Happens When I Die? | Feat. Australian Unity

Oct 10 • 43:14
This is a really important topic for 20 and 30 years olds to think about!

On this episode of the How To Money podcast, Kate Campbell interviews Anna Hacker, who heads up Australian Unity Trustees Legal Services, and also hosts a great podcast, What Happens When I Die?

Anna shares some of the most important reasons to have open conversations about your wishes while you're ali...

Becoming a Super Star in 2021 | Feat. Rest Super

Sep 21 • 31:43
On this episode of the How To Money podcast, Kate Campbell interviews Vicki Doyle, the CEO of Rest Super, a large Australian industry super fund.

Vicki shares her thoughts on the importance of super for young Australians, how to reframe our views on putting money away for our retirement, understanding our super funds fees and the approach Rest Super takes to ethical investi...

Money & Relationships? Let's Talk About It

Sep 5 • 41:59
On this episode of the How To Money podcast, Kate Campbell sat down (well virtually that is) with Liz Mclardy, to chat about financial wellbeing and our relationships (with our partners, parents, name it)! Liz is a university lecturer, finance writer and financial well-being coach.

Liz shares strategies for improving your financial wellbeing, questions to kic...

Why Do I Need a Will and Other Important Questions | Feat. State Trustees

Aug 21 • 45:47
A will is an essential part of your financial plan!

In this week's episode of the How To Money Podcast, Kate Campbell chats to David Andrew, who is a qualified lawyer and has been a Senior Advisor at State Trustees for over ten years.

Kate and David dive into all those fun topics like what happens if I die without a will, do I really need one when I don't have any assets, ca...

Where The Investment World is Going in 2021 with Spaceship

Aug 8 • 23:37
Investing in individual companies allows you to put your money where your values are.

In this week's episode of the How To Money Podcast, Kate Campbell chats to Jason Sedawie, a Portfolio Manager at Spaceship. Spaceship is an Australian micro-investing app, that easily allows you to get started investing without any barriers.

Kate and Jason discuss how he got interested in i...

Saving and Budgeting Like a Rockstar with 86 400

Aug 1 • 31:05
Today on the How To Money Podcast, Kate Campbell brings Belinda Hogan (CFO of 86 400) onto the show to talk banking & budgeting.

Belinda gives us an overview of 86 400 (an Aussie Neobank recently acquired by NAB) and her career path into finance, alongside highlighting common money myths holding you back from reaching your goals, making sure your money is aligned with your ...

US Stocks? Investing In Companies That Are Changing The World

Jul 25 • 48:44
Welcome back folks to the How To Money Podcast. I've got plenty of episodes lined up for you, so prepare your ears!

In this episode I had the pleasure of bringing Danielle Ecuyer back onto the show. Dani is an experienced investor and the author of Shareplicity 1 (and 2). Dani believes that everyone should have exposure to US companies, and in this episode she breaks down e...

Investing From an Early Age with AussieMoneyMan

Mar 23 • 28:02
In this slightly different episode of the How To Money Podcast, Kate spoke to Nick from AussieMoneyMan, an Australian financial YouTube channel. Kate and Nick have a fun chat about money mistakes, growing your net worth, starting to invest from a young age, and helpful personal finance resources to use.

Note: I’ve been having a few months break from the podcast while I get ...

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