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How to Get Over Your Ex


Breakup coach Dorothy, outlines the steps to get over your ex without it “just taking time”. She has combined her background in psychology with her life coach certification tools to provide actionable insights so that you're not only learning the why but you're learning the HOW to getting overRead more

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Ep.122 - What is your limit Braveheart?

Nov 29 • 23:51

Today’s episode is inspired by multiple DMs I’ve received regarding feeling like you’re over your ex and on to building a bigger and better life but don’t feel over the moon about everything IN your life. Are you seeing your limitations and do you have a concrete action plan for the limits that are keeping you from your “epic sundae”?...

BONUS: More on time and heartbreak with Vikki Louise

Nov 23 • 22:26

Listen in to a very special bonus episode of a casual conversation recorded with one of my coach colleagues Vikki Louise about the concept of time and heartbreak. Extending the conversation from the original episode 121 - I’ve been wasting your time. ...

Ep. 121 - I've been wasting your time

Nov 22 • 53:05

Time has nothing to do with getting over your ex. It doesn’t take time to build a life bigger and better than the one you had with your ex. Everything you desire appears within a moment. That doesn’t mean we “rush” our healing. It doesn’t mean we are in a “hurry” to get over our exes. It means we are not at the effect of the man-made concept of time. We trust in divine tim...

Ep. 120 - The Braveheart Community, support you didn't know you needed

Nov 15 • 37:43

How often have we been allowed to really speak about our most painful heartbreak in the open to other humans? Rarely ever. It’s still considered taboo to be open and honest about how much we are truly hurting during our breakup or divorce. It’s seen as being “too emotional” or “too open” in a lot of settings. Inside the Braveheart Community, it’s normal. It’s freeing. It’s...

Ep. 119 - Bravehearts over 40 - Does age matter?

Nov 8 • 49:03

Does age matter during heartbreak? How do I build a life bigger and better than the one I had with him when I’m over 40? In today’s episode listen in as 4 Bravehearts all over 40 talk about their experience healing heartbreak and building a life that is bigger and better than the one they had with their ex. ...

Ep. 118 - Getting over your ex no matter where you're from

Nov 1 • 51:20

Getting over heartbreak is universal. The feelings are the same, the process is the same. There are Bravehearts around the world all working towards learning to get over their ex in a new way, regardless of where they are physically located. ...

Ep. 117 - Important aspects to look for in a partner

Oct 25 • 24:11

How do I know what important aspects to look for in my next partner? I thought I knew, but now I’m questioning it. In today’s episode, learn how to curate and craft your own Want Match Questionnaire. So that not only do you know what aspects you’re looking for but also how to find out early on in each prospect. ...

BONUS: The journey to starting Breakup Coach Dorothy LLC

Oct 19 • 53:26

I was asked by many of you to share my experience starting Breakup Coach Dorothy LLC. This is an episode outlining what it was like to start a business that many doubted. ...

Ep. 116 - I have to start over now

Oct 18 • 14:47

Today’s episode was inspired by a Braveheart question on instagram asking how do I handle “starting over” after hanging out with an ex? Most of us have been there, felt like we were starting over in our healing journey after a hiccup in our recovery. ...

Ep. 115 - I wasn't chosen

Oct 11 • 19:03

One of my clients wanted a happy, healthy, beautiful family. She built that. But then, when her husband decided he no longer wanted to be a part of that family she then thought she wouldn’t be able to have what she wanted anymore because he chose something different. ...

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