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How To F#€k Up An Airport

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What went wrong at BER? Berlin's unfinished airport has been in construction for over 11 years, cost have blown from €1 to €5.4 billion, and there's no end in sight. It's a story of incompetence, corruption and Berlin's general inability to get it's act together. On this series, Radio SpaetkaufRead more

Popular episodes

Rent Freeze #4: How To F#€k Up A Mietendeckel

May 7 • 01:25:41

The Berlin Mietendeckel experiment is finished. The city’s revolutionary attempt to freeze rental prices for five years, and reduce overpriced leases, has been killed off by Germany’s highest court....

Rent Freeze #3: Don't Spend It

Nov 22 • 41:00

This month residents of Berlin should experience the biggest collective rent reduction in history. About 340,000 residents - one in six - may be eligible for a rent cut under the Mietendeckel, Berlin’s radical new housing policy. But landlords are doing their best to stop it....

Episode 5: Crash Take-Off

Oct 29 • 01:06:12

Every Berliner knows the new airport is about to open. But few know about the disasters that could happen next. We're here to explain. Masie, Joel and Jöran take part in a test of the new terminal and find it functional, if a bit dull....

Rent Freeze #2: Magic Words

Mar 5 • 26:51

How To F#€k Up An Airport team presents: Rent Freeze, a podcast about Berlin's rental revolution....

Rent Freeze #1: The Experiment

Jan 29 • 18:31

Radio Spaetkauf presents our new series - Rent Freeze. What happens when an entire city of 3.5 million residents stops paying rent increases for the next five years? Welcome to Rent Freeze, a podcast about Berlin’s rental revolution....

Episode 4: Never Finished (live!)

Apr 30 • 01:03:25

A special live recording of the fourth and (maybe) last episode. Take a tour of all four of Berlin’s under-construction, out-of-use, falling-apart and over-capacity airports. Each has had a part to play in the story of how Berlin f#cked up an airport....

Episode 3: Money for Nothing

Mar 2 • 51:46

BER has been built twice - the first time incorrectly, the second time incompletely. We hear from Marco, an engineer who worked on site. Employees were busy stealing copper instead of fixing the fire system. Some managers got rich taking bribes. Informers had their coffee poisoned....

Episode 2: Double The Recipe

Feb 25 • 42:30

Days away from the planned 2012 opening party, nothing seemed wrong at BER. What was really going on? On this episode, we look at how the airport managers and politicians were messing with the plans, even as construction was underway....

Episode 1: Without A Plan

Feb 18 • 40:36

BER is the international airport code for Berlin Brandenburg Airport, nickname Willy Brandt. It has also become a signifier of failure, incompetence, corruption and Berlin’s general inability to get its act together....

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