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How to Buy a Home


Looking for answers - Can I buy a home? How do I even do this? When should I start planning? Where should a first-time home buyer start? Right here. Real information from a real expert with clear answers to end your confusion. Guidance from industry insider, me, David Sidoni, the #HowtoBuyaHomeGuy.Read more

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Ep 64 - Credit Tips For First Time Home Buyers From Jeanne Kelly, A Nationally Recognized Expert In Credit And FICO Credit Score

Nov 30 • 35:30

Are you a first-time buyer who would like to raise your credit score? Then, you’re in the right episode! Join credit pro Jeanne Kelly, an author, speaker, and general queen of all things credit, as she talks to host David Sidoni about tips to help you improve your credit score so you can get the best deal when looking to buy your first home. Sure, money is essential when b...

Ep. 63 - FISBOs And Zillow Zestimates - Why They Both Suck For First Time Home Buyers

Nov 23 • 29:47

First time home buying can be massively confusing, so trying to buy a home yourself from an owner in a for sale by owner (FSBO) situation has lots of dangerous potential for a buyer who’s new to the game. And if you're thinking Zillow Zestimates will help you determine how much you should pay for a home, Zillow's own website tells you how inaccurate their own Zestimates tr...

Ep. 62 - 2021 Recap And 2022’s Forecast - Plus, First Time Home Buyer Fundamentals

Nov 19 • 42:38

Ep. 61 - More FICO Fun - Some Good News, For Once, About Credit Scores - And More Credit Hacks!

Nov 16 • 36:12

The higher your credit score, the less that you have to pay. If you have a low score, then David Sidoni has some great news for you! There is a new program that is FINALLY going to count your rental history as a POSITIVE on your credit score. Right now, you only get your missed payments counted on your score, and that’s not good. But if you have paid in good standing, the ...

Ep 60 - Tips for First Time Home Buyers to Buy at the End of the Year

Nov 9 • 45:10

2021 changed the norm in housing availability during the holiday season. The housing supply increased by a lot, and David Sidoni, our host, enumerates the reason behind this. He also discussed topics that can help us, especially if you are looking for a home. We have annual seasonal trends that could help you out either this holiday season or maybe 2022 or 2023, tips on ho...

Ep 59 - Fun Facts – Random Listener Questions For First Time Home Buyers At All Levels

Nov 3 • 45:02

It's Halloween and instead of giving you bite-sized candy, your host David Sidoni is going to give you bite-sized FUN FACTS about buying your first home. Learn why credit score matters, what a bridge loan is, or why apps shouldn't be trusted. Join David as gives some stories and important lessons on why buying a house is all about timing. Find your own very special realtor...

Ep 58 - How To Use Your Retirement Savings To Buy Your First Home The SAFE Way, And Deep Random Thoughts

Oct 29 • 47:13

Some people regard their retirement savings as their holy grail. What if you can diversify that by buying a house? Yes, touching your retirement or funneling away from your retirement savings plan can be terrifying and a non-starter for many people. But your host David Sidoni promises you that if you listen to this episode, you will find MORE smart ways to save safely for ...

Ep 57 - It Will Cost You Much More To Wait For Things To Cool Down

Oct 22 • 50:14

In 2021, you already lost waiting to see if you buy your first home. Prices have been going up and homes have been appreciating since 2012, and in 2021, prices will have gone up 10-13% on average. So you just figured this out and assume a drop is coming, and you're going keep waiting. For many of you, bad move. Listen to the details on how this historic run will likely be ...

Ep. 56 - The Advanced Hack to Raise Your Credit Score and Get Extra Cash for Your Down Payment

Oct 19 • 42:13

You may be in doubt to push through your plan of buying your first home. But you just have to research and realize that the rent you’re paying now is already slowing things down for you. Take action now and listen to this episode to learn how to balance debt and savings! This can be a HUGE help for some first time home buyers. It's a more advanced financial formula that he...

Ep. 55 - How To Move To Another State - Real First Time Buyer Story

Oct 15 • 49:05

How the heck do you figure out how to buy a home in a city you have never lived in? In this episode, David Sidoni discusses how to move to another state. ...

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