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How not to travel

Hosted by Kiona from How Not to Travel Like a Basic Bitch, the How Not To Travel podcast sheds a new light on travel. Instead of talking about instagram-friendly hotels and the latest trendy destinations, Kiona goes where few other travellers and podcasters dare to go. She asks real questions aboutRead more

Popular episodes

Xenophobia and COVID19

Feb 22 • 26:23

From the Americas, to Europe and Oceania, anti-asian hate crime is on the rise. In this episode, we talk to folks about the effects of xenophobia on asian communities around the world. ...

Travel *Post Covid

Jan 15 • 20:36

In this episode, we dive into how different people in the tourism industry see travel post-Covid. Virtually traveling from Rome to the Bahamas to Micronesia to Zambia and back. ...

Wet Markets

Jan 8 • 18:37

Once a top 10 travel destination, ( I see you Barcelona’s Mercado de la Boqueria), wet markets have gotten a bad rep during these COVID times, so we’re gonna break down what they actually are, and how they exist to benefit communities all over the world....

The Great Outdoors

Dec 23 • 15:53

Lockdown life is tough yall. So how are people who love the outdoors dealing right now? How is their mental health? Tune in to hear @browngirl_green, @outdoorjournaltour, @jennybruso from @unlikelyhikers and more discuss the great outdoors during COVID19....

Alternative Travel

Dec 18 • 19:35

So IDK about y’all, but I’m sick of Zoom. So this week we're looking at COVID - era travel options....

Is it safe to travel yet?

Dec 11 • 14:16

So here we are with a podcast called How Not to Travel, and we literally cannot travel out here…. So in this episode, we talked to serial travelers around the world to see how they’re adapting to the year without travel. ...

Cancelled Plans during COVID19

Dec 4 • 18:16

It’s been a minute since we’ve posted, and that’s because travel has changed soo soo much since this pandemic started. For this special CoVID19 edition of How Not To Travel, we’re *virtually* travelling around the world, talking to people about what it was like to receive the news of COVID19, their country’s response, and how they feel about travel moving forward....

Crossing Borders

Feb 26 • 11:11

In this episode, we talk about passport privilege and crossing borders. With special guest, Robert Vessels of the Sierra Club discussing a first hand experience at the US-Mexico border. ...

Travel Safety

Feb 5 • 10:56

In this episode, we talk about travel safety and how travel warnings, biases and toxic masculinity play a role in how we view “safety” when we travel. ...

The Problem with "Doing it for the Gram"

Jan 15 • 10:19

In this episode, we talk about the role of social media in travel, with special guest: Rebecca Maccaro of the Pechanga band of Luiseño Indians. ...

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