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How Leaders Lead with David Novak


David Novak hosts real leadership conversations with the best CEOs, Founders & Entrepreneurs in business, sports and entertainment to talk about how they get such incredibly good things done and how they are making a difference in their communities. David, a former co-founder and CEO himself, hasRead more

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Go the Distance for Quality | Peter Millar Chairman and CEO, Scott Mahoney

Dec 2 • 54:01

Scott Mahoney, the Chairman and CEO of Peter Millar, goes the distance to for quality in how he shapes the brand and develops his people. Coming up in business, it wasn’t until Scott worked at Polo that he found his love for golf and apparel sales married in an exciting career. He was inspired to buy Peter Millar during the long drive back from a USGA meeting, and moved qu...

Don't Chase Passion, Chase This Instead with Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Neal ElAttrache

Nov 18 • 48:30

Dr. Neal ElAttrache is a renowned American orthopedic surgeon best known as the Lead Physician for the Los Angeles Dodgers and Rams — as well as his patents and innovation in sports medicine. As a leader, Neal believes strongly in the three “A’s” — Affability, Availability, and Ability. Listen as David and Neal discuss why chasing passion is a sure way to set yourself up f...

Coaching with Care | John Calipari, University of Kentucky Head Basketball Coach

Nov 11 • 40:37

Head coach of the University of Kentucky NCAA men’s basketball team, John Calipari’s approach to leadership (and coaching) is direct and fearless. Affectionately known as “Coach Cal,” he has been named Naismith College Coach of the Year three times, and was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2015. Listen as David and John discuss communication and trust, eating K...

The Man Behind the Music | Rob Light, Managing Partner of Creative Artists Agency, on Leading with Imagination

Nov 4 • 01:10:40

The Creative Artists Agency, or CAA as it’s commonly referred to, is the world’s largest talent and sports agency. CAA represents the top artists in show business — names like Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, Ben Platt, Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan and more. At the helm of the music division is Rob Light, a managing partner and worldwide chief. The trajectory of Rob’s career ...

The Future of Work, Family, and Life with Indra Nooyi, Former PepsiCo Chairman and CEO | Insight Series

Oct 28 • 01:15:36

How do leaders navigate conversations about the challenges parents, and especially women, face in the workplace? The first step is to simply have the conversation and get the shared perspectives of men and women. In this special episode from the How Leaders Lead Insight Series, Ashley Novak Butler, the Executive Director of the Lift-a-Life Foundation, interviews her dad, D...

Entrepreneurial Caregiving with Jessica Kim, Founder and CEO of ianacare | Leading with Lots of Love

Oct 21 • 01:02:43

Co-founder and CEO of ianacare, Jessica Kim was thrust into the role of caregiver when her mother fell ill. Both of her parents moved in with her, and through this challenging and isolating time, Kim discovered the need to connect and offer support to those in similar positions. Listen as Jessica and David discuss the realities of caregiving, the power of empathy and launc...

Timeless Conversation with Dick's Sporting Goods President & CEO, Lauren Hobart | Leading with Team

Oct 14 • 30:27

Lauren Hobart, President & CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods, is an incredibly well-rounded leader with over 25 years of finance, consumer and retail experience. As one of only 41 female CEOs leading a Fortune 500 Company, Hobart relishes the ability to champion young women to achieve their full potential. Listen as David and Lauren discuss her success in digital and e-commerce...

Adventures from the Golf Course | How Leaders Lead Insight Series

Oct 12 • 23:46

Anyone listening this show knows that I am absolutely passionate about the game of golf, and how blessed I am to have been able to play with some of the top players in the game. So we thought we'd mix things up a little bit and create an episode featuring some of the best stories we've heard from around the golf course - some that I'm sure you've never heard before, and yo...

Chick-fil-A Chairman & CEO Dan Cathy | Leading with Faith

Oct 7 • 59:50

As Chairman and CEO of one of the largest family-owned businesses, Chick-Fil-A, Dan Cathy attaches an “in-training” modifier to his name cards as a reminder to continue learning, growing and making mistakes. As a leader, Dan believes that internal service quality will be reflected externally, which informed the decision to remain closed on Sundays. Listen as David and Dan ...

Timeless Interview: Kara Goldin, Founder & CEO of Hint Water | Leading with Undaunted

Sep 30 • 41:21

Founder and CEO of Hint Water, Kara Goldin found success in journalism at Time and at tech startups in Silicon Valley. Her early ambitions changed after discovering her hectic travel schedule led to an unhealthy lifestyle. In her pursuit of health, she discovered an untapped category in flavored water with simple ingredients. The mother of four children under six at the ti...

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