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How it Happened is an Axios podcast docu-series featuring instant histories. Each season, Axios reporters bring you behind closed doors to hear the people and decisions shaping the biggest stories of our time. Trump’s Last Stand: In the first season of How it Happened, national political reporterRead more

Popular episodes

The Next Astronauts Part V: The Launch

Oct 5 • 31:31

Axios space reporter Miriam Kramer follows the Inspiration4 crew to the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla. to cover their launch and catches up with each of them after their return....

The Next Astronauts Part IV: Risk

Sep 14 • 25:48

Axios space reporter Miriam Kramer learns how the Inspiration4 crew is grappling with risk, something every company in the space industry and all astronauts must confront....

The Next Astronauts Part III: What It Takes

Sep 7 • 24:38

Axios space reporter Miriam Kramer goes inside SpaceX's headquarters in Hawthorne, California, to see the factory floor, the Inspiration4 crew's training regimen and how this mission fits into SpaceX's broader goals....

The Next Astronauts Part II: The New Right Stuff

Sep 2 • 24:46

Axios space reporter Miriam Kramer unpacks who historically has been able to go to space and why the selection of Inspiration4 crew members Sian Proctor and Hayley Arceneaux is a break from the status quo....

The Next Astronauts Part I: A Few Ordinary People

Aug 31 • 24:46

Axios space reporter Miriam Kramer traces how a multi-day orbital mission to space without professional astronauts came together in just a matter of weeks....

The Next Astronauts Prologue

Aug 17 • 08:15

In How it Happened: The Next Astronauts, Axios space reporter Miriam Kramer follows the first space flight to orbit without professional astronauts. Kramer will take listeners inside the story of the Inspiration4 mission, which SpaceX aims to launch on September 15....

Trump's Last Stand: An Off-The-Books Mission

May 28 • 23:18

In this bonus story for How It Happened: Trump's Last Stand, Axios political correspondent Jonathan Swan details a botched attempt, made during President Trump's final days in office, to rapidly withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan....

Trump's Last Stand Part V: Where It Ends

Feb 15 • 30:46

National political correspondent Jonathan Swan tracks the unfolding of the Capitol insurrection on January 6, revealing what happened in the Senate and at the White House — and what it means....

Trump's Last Stand Part III: The Break With Barr

Feb 1 • 22:26

National political correspondent Jonathan Swan reveals the story behind President Trump's break from Attorney General William Barr, who had been deeply loyal and a key bridge between Trump and the Republican establishment....

Trump's Last Stand Part II: The Legal Team

Jan 25 • 20:30

National political correspondent Jonathan Swan traces how Donald Trump's strategy to dispute the result of the 2020 election evolved from targeted lawsuits to embracing — and amplifying — conspiracy theories....

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