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How I Survived

Amazing, first-hand survival stories from people who have faced the unimaginable and escaped with their lives. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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Trapped in the desert for THREE NIGHTS

Apr 6 • 44:19
Setting off to hike to the Lost Palms Oasis, hidden deep within the Joshua Tree National Park, 35-year-old Kiwi Claire Nelson couldn't wait to immerse herself in the Californian desert's otherworldly beauty. She had everything she needed for the four-hour hike, including plenty of water. She'd even left an extra bottle in the car for when she got back. But, in the blazing ...

"I wrestled a CROCODILE for 25 minutes"

Mar 30 • 18:21

It was a steaming hot March afternoon in Weipa, a mining town on the Cape York Peninsula in Far North Queensland, Australia. At a safety course, 28-year-old mine worker Todd Bairstow couldn’t wait to knock off, treat himself to an ice-cold beer and go fishing. But, finishing up and trudging down to the creek with his little puppy running alongside him, they weren't complet...

Crushed in an erupting volcano

Mar 24 • 27:11

*Quick note: We're working from home due to Covid-19, so this podcast is coming to you from Beth's wardrobe. Enjoy, and we hope you're all staying safe and sound. Lots of love, the HIS team xxx...

A stranger stabbed me, then stole my baby

Mar 16 • 21:16

With the TV murmuring softly in the background, Desiree Page, 39, relaxed back into the reclining sofa, cuddling her 13-month-old son Cory. It was late at night, and her husband Gary, a long-haul charter bus driver, was away for work. Usually, Desiree would religiously lock every door and window before she went to bed. But, with her sleeping son in her arms, she dozed off....

UPDATE: "My husband tried to gas me to death"

Mar 12 • 53:11

Hang-gliding horror: "I wasn't attached!"

Mar 9 • 23:27

It was a sunny, crisp winter’s day in Interlaken, Switzerland, and Florida couple Chris and Gail Gursky, married for 26 years and parents to a grown-up son, had the perfect plan to get their hearts pumping – hang-gliding over the gorgeous terrain. They loved zip-lining. Now, it was time to up the ante. And they were keen to get started – it was their first day on holidays....

"I was bashed with a baseball bat"

Mar 2 • 21:34

A devoted single mum-of-three, Simone O’Brien, then 37, was looking for love. She’d been divorced amicably from her ex, the kids’ dad Trevor, for more than four years. But, working two jobs to make ends meet, and ferrying her kids between school, basketball and playdates didn’t leave much time for romance. So, she decided to try online dating....

Joe woke up without a penis

Feb 24 • 24:19

Knocking off after a hard day of work as a labourer, 32-year-old Joe Green, from Indiana, in the United States, was looking forward to an icy cold beer....

We're back next week....

Feb 17 • 01:10

BEST OF: The 3-year-old lost in the bush for 17 hours

Jan 27 • 20:14

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