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We need more experts sharing their knowledge. But not every domain expert is an expert teacher. In this show, I interview people who have mastered a skill to unpack HOW they learned it. Let's democratize online education by making it easier for domain experts to share their expertise and for you,Read more

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#37 - Jarrod Kimber on Sports Writing and the Art of Narrative

Jul 22 • 01:23:36

Joining me this week is Jarrod Kimber. Jarrod is first and foremost a cricket writer but has become somewhat of a polymath of Sports Media. He is a fantastic writer of features on a broad range of topics, as well as a talented novelist. In addition to his writing, he is a filmmaker, podcast host, commentator, analyst for teams, and my favorite - a course creator.

This incre...

#36 - Anne Muhlethaler on Mindfulness in the World of Luxury Fashion

Jul 15 • 01:00:27

Joining me this week is Anne Muhlethaler - a branding and communications consultant. Anne works in luxury fashion and is from Geneva, Switzerland. In this episode, she shares her incredible story, which begins as a retail store clerk in London for a boutique known for making women's shoes, Christian Louboutin.

The Christian Louboutin group is now a famous brand in the luxur...

#35 - Mark & Simon from Cracking the Cryptic on Elite Puzzle Solving

Jul 8 • 55:07

Joining me this week for our first podcast with two guests, Mark Goodliffe and Simon Anthony, the two creators behind the “Cracking the Cryptic” YouTube channel. This episode is about elite puzzle-solving and before you think, “Ah, I don’t know if that's for me” - just wait until you learn more about their story.

Mark is a qualified chartered accountant from the UK and has ...

#34 - Harry Melck on Storytelling & Wine

Jul 1 • 01:02:50

Joining me this week is Harry Melck. If you're a wine lover, this episode is just for you. Harry is an eighth-generation descendant of a well-known Cape wine family in South Africa. He has received the highest qualification from the Institute of Cape Wine Masters and has diversified into many successful entrepreneurial ventures. He's the owner of a chain of five steak and ...

#33 - Ali Abdaal on Running a $1M Online Course

Jun 24 • 57:51

Joining me this week for another one of our special live audience episodes is Ali Abdaal. Ali is a second-time guest on the show. In our first conversation - Episode 13 of this show - which you can go back and listen to, we talked more about his journey from medical student at Cambridge, to YouTube celebrity where he now has close to 2 million subscribers on his YouTube ch...

#32 - Greg Frontiero on the Storytelling Art to Professional Wrestling

Jun 17 • 01:24:01

Joining me this week is Greg Frontiero. Greg is the founder of Noowave, a company whose product, flow state coffee has been described as a "Coffee for Creators". It is combined with raw cacao and L-Theanine to help you feel creatively focused and anxiety-free.

Greg has a fascinating story, which started with a dare from his girlfriend for a birthday party, which ended up b...

#31 - Paul Millerd: From Big Consulting to the Boundless Path

Jun 10 • 01:15:20

Joining me this week is Paul Millerd. Paul writes a weekly newsletter about work and hacking life as a solopreneur. He teaches people about Strategy Consulting at Strategy U, his online course. He's probably best known for making friends on the internet and hosting hundreds of curiosity conversations, where you can go on his website and set up a one on one chat with him ab...

#30 - August Bradley on Life Operating Systems

Jun 3 • 01:01:57

Joining me this week in a special live episode is August Bradley. This was recorded a few weeks ago when I interviewed August to focus specifically on his online course, Notion Life OS. August is an expert in performance enhancements and optimization. He advises clients through complete business system overhauls. 

During the course of 2020, he became known for the 'In Life ...

#29 - Steph Smith on Doing Content Right

May 27 • 01:14:36

Steph is a growth marketer, writer, and indie maker, who currently heads the product for the Trends newsletter. She's had a career that spanned roles in research and analysis, tech with Toptal, and now working for The Hustle in the newsletter space. 

She's also the author of a book called ''Doing Content Right" which she launched last year as a passion project, and has sinc...

#28 - Stephanie Dua on Early Education and Work-Life Harmony

May 21 • 57:17

Joining me this week is Stephanie Dua. Stephanie is the co-founder and president of HOMER, the only learning program proven to increase reading scores with just 15 minutes a day. 

Before starting HOMER, she was the CEO of the New York City Department of Education's fund for public schools and has worked in various non-profit roles with the Carnegie Corporation, the Robin Ho...

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