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How Did You Learn That?


We need more experts sharing their knowledge. But not every domain expert is an expert teacher. In this show, I interview people who have mastered a skill to unpack HOW they learned it. Let's democratize online education by making it easier for domain experts to share their expertise and for you,Read more

Popular episodes

#55 - Guest Medley: Mentorship

Nov 25 • 01:05:07

Joining me this week are the guests from the podcast's past....

#54 - Scott Jeffrey Miller on Learning From Mentors

Nov 18 • 01:06:35

Joining me this week is Scott Jeffrey Miller....

#53 - Nicole Wilson on Tea: The More You Know The Better It Gets

Nov 11 • 48:26

Joining me this week is the tea expert, Nicole Wilson....

#52 - Akira the Don on Spreading Ancient Meaning Through New Music

Nov 4 • 01:25:34

My conversation today is with Akira the Don....

#51 - Andrea Wojnicki on How To Control Your Own Narrative When You’re Not In The Room

Oct 28 • 51:32

Andrea is a communication coach. She's an expert in Consumer Psychology, and word of mouth. She has an insatiable obsession with understanding - “Why you said whatever you just said.” ...

#50 - Sharon Salzberg on The Art of Mindful Connection and Real Happiness

Oct 21 • 01:09:25

Joining me for our 50th episode is Sharon Salzberg!...

#49 - Gwyn Wansbrough on How to Create Breakthroughs in the Virtual Groups You Lead

Oct 14 • 01:06:30

My guest this week is Gwyn Wansbrough....

#48 - Gilbert Eijkelenboom on Persuasive Communication for Analytical Thinkers

Oct 7 • 50:24

Joining me this week from Amsterdam is Gilbert Eijkelenboom....

#47 - Nathan Barry on How To Build An Audience Without Being An Expert

Sep 30 • 01:11:41

Joining me this week is Nathan Barry....

#46 - KP on How To Play The Infinite Game... In Public

Sep 23 • 53:58

Joining me today is Karthik Puvvada, better known as KP.

KP is a no-code builder, community leader, writer, podcast host, angel investor, and growth advisor for startups. In the last five years, he's built an audience of 20,000 people on the internet while shipping more than 10 no-code projects. He's gained accidental popularity as the “Build In Public” expert. He has publi...

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