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How Cool Is This? is a 5-minute podcast about what’s cool. Each short podcast episode explores a new idea. Bingeable and perfect for a short commute from the bedroom to the kitchen, How Cool Is This? is like Shark Tank meets This American Life meets Humans of New York, except anyone canRead more

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(82) Mark Nadal: Encryption Tool

Jan 29 • 04:59

Mark created a browser extension encrypts the conversations you have online. Is that the best way to protect yourself from intrusive advertisers and tech companies? And more importantly, it that cool? ...

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(84) Daniel Warren: The Importance of Liberty

Jan 29 • 04:59

Daniel believes that creating liberty is one of the most important responsibilities we have as citizens. But does liberty for one mean liberty for all? And more importantly, is that cool? ...

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(30) Miguel Ortiz: Times Square Video Game

Mar 27 • 04:57

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(85) Rebecca Sealfon: Unity Is Strength Israeli/Palestinian Peace Forum

Mar 1 • 04:59

Rebecca created a place where two groups that have historically disagreed can figure out new ways to get along. Can this be a model for using the  internet to solve other problems? And more importantly, is that cool? ...

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(86) Vidal Espinosa: Fuck Your Numbers

Mar 1 • 04:55
Vidal believes that ignoring one of the most important parts of business will help you succeed. Is focusing too much on your numbers holding your business back? And more importantly, is that cool? 
"Most, if not all accountants focus on, 'You need to know your numbers.' We don't." 
Learn more about how Vidal goes beyond your numbers here.

Have a cool idea you think should be...

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(88) Don Stein: Roomkey

Mar 1 • 04:56
Don developed a new way to virtually recreate the serediptious connections we have IRL. Can a virtual platform ever replace getting together in person? And more importantly, is that cool? 
"This allows you to go up to somebody, move around the room, sit next to them and recreate those moments of serendipity that happen in real life."
Check out and download Roomkey here. 

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(53) Abraham Lieberman: WeWork For Influencers

Aug 13 • 04:51

Abraham wants to open up a coworking space for influencers on the rise. But he wants it to be a little more professional than the TikTok mansions springing up around L.A. Is that cool?...

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(40) Melissa Stern: Replace Electoral College with Popular Vote

Nov 7 • 04:59

This episode was originally posted in April 2020 and is being reposted as part of Election Edition episodes....

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(17) Logan Hepburn: Margarita Straws Made of Salt

Dec 2 • 04:59

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(75) Stephanie Kaplan: Corporate Wokeplace

Nov 5 • 04:58

Stephanie thinks “woke” culture has gone too far and has started a blog to push back against political correctness in the workplace. Is woke orthodoxy a suppressive force? And more importantly, is fighting against it cool?...

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