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How Cool Is This?


How Cool Is This? is a 5-minute podcast about what’s cool. Each short podcast episode explores a new idea. Bingeable and perfect for a short commute from the bedroom to the kitchen, How Cool Is This? is like Shark Tank meets This American Life meets Humans of New York, except anyone canRead more

Popular episodes

(105) David Katz: Swaggr Socks

Oct 8 • 04:59

David helped create more sustainable socks made from recyclable materials. Can what you put on your feet help make the world a better place? And more importantly, is that cool?...

(107) Austin Thomas: Silent Restaurant

Oct 8 • 04:44

Austin wants to open a restaurant where the soundtrack is complete silence. Do people really want to eat while alone with their thoughts? And more importantly, is that cool?...

(103) Steve Christensen: Neuwly App

Oct 8 • 04:59

Steve created an app that helps you discover live streams from around the world. Can live streams help you discover something new from the comfort of your couch? And more importantly, is that cool?...

(106) Genny Kelley: Mean Muggin’ Ceramics

Oct 8 • 04:55

Genny turned her passion for pottery into a business when she lost her job. Are mean mugs still nice to drink out of? And more importantly, is that cool?...

(104) Erica Stanford: Crypto Curry Club

Oct 8 • 04:58

Erica started a club where people can meet to discuss cryptocurrency over curry. Is a delicious meal a good way to build community? And more importantly, is that cool?...

(102) Matt Franklin: Pretending To Be In China

Sep 3 • 04:56

An entrepreneur for more than 15 years, Matt has recently begun experiencing issues with the responsiveness of suppliers in China. Can a new strategy that Matt stumbled upon increase the efficiency of his supply chain? And more importantly, is that cool?...

(100) How Cool Is “How Cool Is This?”

Sep 3 • 04:56

Brian and Nick have spent the better part of the last two years sourcing unique ideas and judging them on how cool they are. Have they figured out what it means to be cool, and more importantly, is that cool?...

(99) Trenton Hudson: KORMA Date Coffee

Sep 3 • 04:58

Trenton loves the taste and smell of coffee but has to think twice before drinking caffeine. Can the coffee he makes from date sees provide a healthier alternative? And more importantly, is that cool?...

(101) Allison Whitaker: Climate Fresk Game

Sep 3 • 04:49

Allison and her team have developed an educational game to combat the climate crisis. Will their innovative approach lead to a cooler globe? And more importantly, is that cool?...

(98) Heather Li: It’s Nice To Hear You

Jul 1 • 04:58

Heather started a voice only dating service to help lonely people connect during the pandemic. Can trading only voicemails lead to a love connection? And more importantly, is that cool?...

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