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Hot & Sour Soup for the Soul: Asian American Stories


Hot & Sour Soup for the Soul is a celebration of multicultural identity, zooming in on the Asian American experience. In each episode, we feature an Asian American who is making strides in their industry, and chat about their personal and professional journeys to finding balance between cultures,Read more

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Building a Boba Empire, Confident Vulnerability, & Punching Up feat. Boba Guys CEO & Co-Founder, Andrew Chau

Apr 29 • 44:37

We're chatting with Andrew Chau, the co-founder and CEO of Boba Guys, a national boba brand that’s bridging cultures through deliciously disarming beverages. If you live in the Bay Area, LA, or NYC, you’ve probably passed by -- or through -- a Boba Guys store. Today, Boba Guys has 18 immaculately designed retail locations, but as with most start-up stories, it has humble b...

When "Me" Meets "We", Magic Ensues

Mar 3 • 27:25

Which do you think more often about: “Me” or “We”? Historically, whether we belonged to the school of individualism or the school of collectivism had to do with the cultural context we were brought up around, whether we grew up with more Western or Eastern influence. Today however, between a global pandemic, planetary climate change, and national civic movements that are r...

Tiger Moms, Growing Up Hapa, & Equity in AI feat. Stanford PhD Candidate, Allison Koenecke

Feb 12 • 34:07

MIT undergrad. FAANG internships. Antitrust economic consulting. Stanford PhD candidacy. No question Allison Koenecke is an academic force. Beyond impressive institutional associations -- which she seldom spotlights -- what has made her a true force of nature (or shall we say, software?) is the research she's leading to address equitability in mainstream technologies. Spec...

A Retail Renegade Reimagining "Made in China" feat. Ruoyi Jian, Founder of Chop Suey Club

Jan 12 • 37:46

Today’s guest is Ruoyi Jiang, founder of Chop Suey Club, a concept store in NYC's Lower East Side that is simultaneously redefining what “Made in China" looks like and partnering with local Chinatown businesses to ensure their cultural currency for generations to come. Once upon a time, Ruoyi was a middle schooler living in China, who decided to drop out of school to pursu...

Art Directing, Cultivating Creativity, & Committing to a Craft feat. Forbes 30 Under 30, Decue Wu

Nov 25 • 29:19

Finding freelance work. Illustrating for an international audience. Art directing at tech giants. That’s just the tip of the iceberg for today’s guest, Decue Wu. Decue was born in Shenzhen, China, where she lived and studied into adulthood, and made her way to the U.S. in 2012 to work towards her M.F.A at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Since then, she has built a c...

Sextech & Silicon Valley feat. Forbes 30 Under 30 Anna Lee, Co-Founder of Lioness

Oct 27 • 51:34

Today marks our first double digit episode! Thanks for being on this journey with us. Now, let's celebrate....

Harvard, Green Tech, & Chasing Purpose feat. Heidi Lim, Chief of Staff at Opus 12

Oct 7 • 33:08

What do you do when you start feeling like you’re just going through the motions? How do you optimize around your strengths to make the biggest impact? Who are you without your day job?...

Tales from Fashion's Front Lines feat. Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Creative Director Lisa Qu

Sep 23 • 38:16

From folding origami to pass time at her mom’s Chinese restaurant in Australia, to starting her eponymous clothing label, Lisa Qu was on a pure-play academic path until her parents gave her the thumbs up to pursue a career in fashion. That is, so long as she was able to get admitted into a storied design school. With Lisa’s minimal formal arts training, her parents figured...

Twitter Changemaker & EdTech Evangelist feat. Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Product Manager Jesar Shah

Jul 13 • 30:50

Jesar Shah is a product manager on a mission to ensure advances in technology benefit the many and not just the few. Previously, she brought Twitter to 100 new countries with tweets spanning 70 languages, rolled out the Twitter’s first web redesign in nearly a decade, and was named Forbes’ 30 Under 30 for her work in consumer tech. Today, she continues to democratize techn...

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Grit in Adversity & Inclusion in Animation feat. Film Producer Amy Kuo

Jun 22 • 38:07

Amy Kuo is a film producer, founder of Animon Studios, a fervent advocate for women, LGBTQ+ and POC communities, as well as 2nd generation Taiwanese-Chinese American. Amy founded Anamon Studios to build a more inclusive future through animation. In the process, she also created a movie production bootcamp for underrepresented young professionals seeking to break into the h...

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