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A podcast about law at the end of the world. Bear with us.

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005 - Because of Sex

Jun 25 • 51:18
Charles Star is joined by attorney Ezra Ishmael Young and Professor Jessica Clarke to discuss the recent Supreme Court decision in Bostock v. Clayton County extending Title VII sex discrimination claims to include gay and trans litigants.

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Charles - @ugarles
Ezra - @ezraiyoung
Jessica - @clarkeja

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004 - Closing Down Lanes

May 16 • 01:01:17
Charles Star is joined again by Patrick Cosmos and Eric Michel. The discussion starts with Bridgegate and the Supreme Court's latest refusal to let prosecutors punish public corruption and finishes with Judge Justin Walker's ridiculous injunction against a non-existent order to shut down drive-in Easter services.

Charles Star - @ugarles
Eric Michel - @ericmichel
Patrick Cosmo...

003 - Something We Can All Agree On

May 11 • 01:09:55
Randolph Brickey joins Charles Star to talk about Ramos v. Louisiana, a recent Supreme Court case that finally clarified that Louisiana and Oregon have to stop using non-unanimous juries and a series of cases (Ellis v. State (NC). Clark v Crawford (WDVA) and Howse v, Houdos (6th Cir.)) about the mixed messages courts give about telling the police how you really feel.


Take The Fifth.... Please

Mar 23 • 01:05:33
Charles Star, Patrick Cosmos and Eric Michel talk about the mocking cruelty of Trump's Fifth Circuit judges toward gay and trans litigants and Lauren Walker joins Charles to talk about the trans health issues underlying the litigation.

Theme: Blue Ghosts by Riverboat Gamblers
Interstitials: Fear of Heights by Patrick Cosmos

Charles Star (@ugarles)
Patrick Cosmos (@veryimportan...

001 - Crossing The Line

Mar 11 • 59:43
Episode 1, finally. Patrick Cosmos and Eric Michel join Charles Star to discuss the Supreme Court's embarrassing decision to in Hernandez v Mesa and bogus defamation lawsuits from Tulsi Gabbard, Roy Moore and Larry Klayman.

Charles Star: @ugarles
Patrick Cosmos: @veryimportant
Eric Michel: @ericmichel

Thanks to Jeb @mobute Lund for his production help, @mikeweibe for letting u...

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