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Wrestling 4 Dummies 6: WWE Survivor Series was awesome......Not

Nov 24 • 01:35:08

Horror for Dummies Ep.177 Halloween 2 (2009) & Titane (2021)

Nov 21 • 01:27:44

We continue our Is it really that bad Month with Rob Zombies Halloween 2. This film gets nothing but hate and its about time someone sticks up for it....or not. We also look at the new French film TITANE, This is another film that's very divided. Will we love it or is it gonna end up on the bottom list...

Wrestling 4 Dummies 5: WWE Survivor Series Predictions

Nov 20 • 44:59

Wrestling 4 Dummies 4- AEW Full Gear 2021 Review

Nov 17 • 01:41:35

Wrestling 4 Dummies 4-AEW Full Gear Review

Nov 17 • 01:43:55

Horror for Dummies Ep.176 Jason X & Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin

Nov 15 • 01:19:26

Horror for Dummies Episode 176 is here and its the beginning of IS IT REALLY THAT BAD Month. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at films that haven't been given the greatest reviews. We start it off with JASON X Is it as bad as everyone says? We watch and debunk the truth. On our Raw review we look at the newest entry in the Paranormal Activity franchise and let yo...

Wrestling 4 Dummies 3- AEW Full Gear Predictions

Nov 12 • 49:53

Wrestling 4 Dummies 2- Get well soon Moxley

Nov 8 • 01:44:54

Horror for Dummies Ep.175: Demon Wind (1990) Halloween Kills & Antlers

Nov 7 • 01:39:22

Horror for Dummies Episode 175 is dedicated to our Patreon Mark Cooper. He has requested for us too review the 1990 "classic" DEMON WIND A film that we have heard nothing but great things about.... We also check out 2 new 2021 films that have been getting a lot of buzz. HALLOWEEN KILLS And ANTLERS. Are these films worth watching or is it a pass. Check it out now...

Horror for Dummies Ep.174 Halloween Throwdown

Oct 31 • 01:31:54

Welcome back to Horror for Dummies. Episode 174. Its Halloween time and we are here ready to party..Kinda...So we had plans annnnd they failed. So instead we just threw something together to celebrate Halloween, Enjoy...

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