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Hope in Source


What are the parallels between faith and open source software? Join Henry Zhu for an off-the-cuff conversation between friends. Check out and for the backstory!

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Attending to Silence

Sep 1 • 58:33

How can we think about digital communication, let alone silence? Is it possible? Michael Sacasas is back to chat about a few of his last newsletter posts: the nature of silence, attention not as a resource, on hope vs. expectations, the arms race of escalation, manufactured needs, askesis or discipline, the commons vs. the public, and trustlessness and codes of law. (Recor...

Ivan Illich (Michael Sacasas)

Jun 18 • 50:25

Why read Ivan Illich today? What does the thought of this radical historian have to bear on our modern tech world? In this episode, Madhu Suri Prakash and Dana L. Stuchul of Penn State University interview Michael Sacasas on his work as being a sort of bridge or interlocutor of Illich's thoughts. They talk about schooling and inequality in COVID, ways of thinking about tec...

Digital Disembodiment (Maggie Appleton)

Apr 5 • 28:02

How does the digital life shape our perceptions of ourselves? Maggie Appleton starts us off on a discussion of school in pandemic times which lead to a discussion of the disembodiment that technology can create, somehow bringing us further towards our thoughts on time and space? (Recorded in November 2020) Transcript:

Software Tetris (Stephen Kell)

Mar 9 • 42:14

How is the state of modern software like losing at Tetris? Stephen Kell joins Henry to chat about Ivan Illich's thought (counter-productivity, radical monopoly, critique of institutions) applied to modern software culture! We talk about the software/hardware arms race, how our default is more is better, tech being all-consuming, the tyranny of updates. (recorded in Dec 202...

TabFS (Omar Rizwan)

Feb 20 • 27:32

What happens when we open up browser APIs like a filesystem? Omar Rizwan joins Henry to chat about his latest project, TabFS! We discuss possible extensions, tinkering with scripts vs being a whole "project", writing it yourself, few dependencies, determining your 1.0, literate documentation, and maintaining a newly popular open source project! (recorded in January) Transc...

Essence (Sonya Mann)

Feb 19 • 44:45

How do we think about ourselves and the communities we move into? Sonya Mann and Henry continue a chat about the nature of conversion: about using jargon within a community, individuation, and transformation. Topics include the tools of a worldview, flavors of faith, the good of questions, essence and discovering yourself, hierarchies of reality, interwoven histories. (Rec...

Reconversion (Sonya Mann)

Jan 3 • 34:36

Approaching Advent (Alex Kim)

Dec 9 • 35:47

What is Advent anyway? Alex Kim joins Henry to chat about the season of waiting, memory, our loss and discovery of tradition, teaching ritual as meaningful, a Christian conception of time, and opening ourselves up to hope. Transcript:

Technology as Process (Maggie Appleton)

Nov 3 • 32:48

Is technology just of chips and gadgets? Maggie Appleton joins Henry again in a 2-part chat to discuss how tech isn't such a static thing, building off of Mcluhan's thought of media and Dan Wang's article, "How Technology Grows". We cover how tech itself contains it's own process knowledge involving how it is used, built, and maintained as well as going into digital immort...

Embodied Knowledge (Maggie Appleton)

Nov 3 • 25:24

Can there be knowledge without a knower? Maggie Appleton joins Henry again in a 2 part chat to discuss how knowledge can be intimately personal, through the work of Michael Polanyi. We cover how knowing is an activity, ambient technology, dualism, Bruno Latour, knowing as faith, learning through liturgy, Jesus as the embodiment of God. We end by asking how we should naviga...

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