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Hope For The Heart

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A daily biblical counseling show with June Hunt

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Being a Lifeline to Hope

Oct 2 • 25:02

Addiction, abuse, violence, grief, depression, suicide. These are only some of the problems our society faces. How can you respond to those around you who are facing a struggle in life? Listen as June Hunt talks about giving a voice to victims and being a lifeline to hope. ...

Having Hope for Your Heart and Life

Sep 30 • 25:02

Being biblical, practical, and relevant has been June Hunt’s goal since before the ministry of Hope for the Heart began. Listen as she shares the incredible story of the woman who inspired the name Hope for the Heart. ...

Learning How to Make the Bible Practical for Life

Sep 29 • 25:02

When June Hunt began ministry as a youth director, she discovered the questions people asked were often about problems in life. Listen as she shares how God led her to find answers and practical solutions in His Word. A common issue people asked about was forgiveness and letting people “off the hook.” June discusses letting the offender off of your hook and putting them on...

Finding Love, Significance and Security

Sep 28 • 25:02

How did a young girl who grew up in an unusual home, with little knowledge of the Bible, become a respected Bible teacher? Listen as June Hunt talks about the hurt, anger, and unforgiveness she grew up with. In her story, you might hear your story – and discover the same hope June has shared for over 34 years....

The Source of True Hope

Sep 25 • 25:02

Hope is much more than a vague emotion – it has the power to change your life. June Hunt tells us that we can have truth in our heads, but if there’s no hope in our hearts, there’s a missing link in our relationship with Jesus. Listen and find out how you can have true and lasting hope.  ...

The Choice to Forgive

Sep 24 • 25:02

“I forgive you.” Three little words, so simple, so complex, and yet so powerful! June Hunt knows how hard it can be to forgive. Listen as she talks about forgiveness and shows us how we can make the biblical choice to forgive....

The Gift of Forgiveness

Sep 23 • 25:02

Have you ever noticed that the word forgive has the little word give in it? While some see forgiveness as something to hold back, the truth is: forgiveness is a gift. It’s a gift to the offender, and it also helps the one offended heal and move forward. Listen as June Hunt helps clear up the confusion over what forgiveness is and what forgiveness is not....

Witness to a Conflict – When Is It Right to Intervene?

Sep 22 • 25:02

– Free Download:Restoring Broken Relationships

Are You Really Willing to Reconcile?

Sep 21 • 25:02

– Free Download:Restoring Broken Relationships

The Steady Anchor of Hope

Sep 18 • 25:02

Where is your hope?  When life is uncertain and you find yourself doubting God, where do you turn?  June Hunt says “There are no hopeless situations, only those who have grown hopeless.”  Listen as June connects us to a hope that can be the Anchor of Your Soul....

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