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From Samin Nosrat (chef and author of the cookbook Salt Fat Acid Heat) and Hrishikesh Hirway (creator and host of the podcast Song Exploder), Home Cooking is a mini-series to help you figure out what to cook—and keep you company—during the quarantine. If you need help or just want some creativeRead more

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Happy Tangsgiving! (with Camila Cabello)

Nov 16 • 37:39

We’re back for a special episode of the podcast, and we’re getting questions and giving thanks as we get ready for the high holy day of home kitchens. We got a special surprise in the form of a question from international pop superstar Camila Cabello! Also, we finally made shirts that say “Shrimp J*nga Forever!” and you can get one at

Starch Nemesis (with Waffles & Mochi)

Apr 1 • 48:55

Hello again! We’ve climbed out of our cave and here we are, blinking bewilderedly in the light of the bright sun, trying to remember how to make this podcast. Join us as we slice up a veritable fruit salad of questions, including one about raisins from our new puppet friends Waffles & Mochi. They’re the titular characters of the new Netflix kids show that just came out. Sa...

Bittersweet (with Helen Zaltzman)

Dec 16 • 56:29

We’re wrapping up this pandemic year and our pandemic podcast in a carefully-sealed bag, so as not to let the flavors intermingle with other flavors in your podcast cookie tin. For our cookie-themed episode, we‘ve got chocolate chip cookies, no-bake cookies, and smart cookie Helen Zaltzman (@HelenZaltzman) tells us about her gingerbread creations. Plus, a Chef Detective my...

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Thanksgiving, Part 2: Umami and Me (with Tracy Clayton and our families)

Nov 24 • 57:55

Happy Thanksgiving! Our special family guests this week include Samin’s younger brothers Pasha & Bahador, Hrishi’s dad Dr Sumesh Hirway, and Hrishi’s niece Asha. Plus, the wonderful Tracy Clayton (@brokeymcpoverty) tells us about the Thanksgiving opinion that could get her excommunicated from her old Kentucky home....

Thanksgiving, Part 1: Sage Wisdom (with Demi Adejuyigbe)

Nov 11 • 57:01

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Snacktoberfest (with Sumesh Uncle and Sonoratown)

Oct 28 • 50:27

Fronds with Benefits (with Jason Mantzoukas)

Oct 14 • 50:32

Old Bay Leaves, New Bae Arrives

Sep 30 • 01:01:12

Kohlrabi: Turnip for What? (with Antoni Porowski)

Aug 19 • 58:17

Gettin’ Jalapeño Business (with Rachel Khong)

Aug 5 • 58:53

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