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NBA analytics pioneer and front office insider John Hollinger joins Dunc'd On podcast host Nate Duncan to bring you the smartest weekly NBA podcast available. The Hollinger & Duncan NBA Show brings fans next-level analysis of the league, its teams, and its players. John and Nate take you behind theRead more
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Best Episodes

Playoff Winners and Losers and the Effect on Free Agency; The Clippers Plan

Sep 21, 2020

"Nate Duncan wih an interesting thought on GOAT criteria (w/ Hollinger)"




A long look at the Clippers’ demise. What are their chances of improving next year, how do they maximize them, and did they already squander their best chance?We pick our big playoff winners and losers, focusing on superstars whose perception has changed and free agents to be.Starting September 8,Read more

What Happened with Bogdan; What Do Warriors Do Next; Harden Trade Options; Draft Winners and Losers

Nov 19, 2020

"Trade Steph Curry???🤯🤯🤯"



Why did the apparent deal for Bogdan Bogdanovic fall apart, and how much did “tampering” have to do with it?With Klay out, what is the Warriors’ next move?Is James Harden to Brooklyn fait accompli?Plus recapping all the draft night moves and our winners and losers.Catch H&D live on Twitch everyRead more

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Preseason Predictions

Dec 17, 2020




Who are the main championship contenders heading into the season, and who do we expect to win it all? We also discuss our top candidates to take home some of the major awards for the 2020-21 season, including MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, and Most Improved Player. Starting September 8, Nate’sRead more

Wall for Westbrook; Offseason Disagreements; Contender Tiers

Dec 3, 2020




Reacting to the Russell Westbrook-for-John Wall swap. What does this mean for the Rockets, and will the Wizards have enough to go grab a playoff spot? Find out which two teams in particular John and Nate disagreed on with our offseason grades. Then we wrap up by answering listener questions andRead more

Biggest Preseason Disagreements

Dec 10, 2020

"Did the Clippers take an L on PG?"


Sharing our thoughts on the Paul George extension and what it means for the future of the Clippers. Then we discuss where we disagree with our expectations for the Warriors, Lakers, Wolves, Pels, Hawks, Pacers and Rockets this season before wrapping up by answering your questions. Catch H&D live onRead more

The Giannis Sweepstakes, How Good Are the Hawks? Best/Worst Deals of Free Agency

Nov 25, 2020

" Adams + Zion? 🤔🤔"

A look at the Atlanta Hawks after they acquire Bogdan Bogdanovic. How is Lloyd Piece going to manage the rotation with all these new pieces?Giannis, a 2021 free agent, determined much of 2020’s free agency. Will he extend in Milwaukee?What to make of the Pels’ offseason after they got Steven AdamsRead more
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