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Welcome to Holistic Health Radio hosted by Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Health Coach Sarah Liz King from In this podcast we chat all things health and wellness, with a particular focus on body image, mental health, intuitive eating, and hormonal conditions. Join usRead more

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137. Letting Go of Fitness and Body Ideals in HA Recovery with Olivia Park

Nov 15 • 50:20

Today on the show I'm joined by Olivia Park, who is here to share her story of recovery from HA and her mental transformation from chasing aesthetic goals in bodybuilding and crossfit to seeing movement as something that could provide her body with so much more if she treated it well and nourished it appropriately....

136. Overcoming Orthorexia and Committing to Full Recovery with Jarrah Nesbitt

Nov 4 • 36:04

Today on the podcast I’m joined by Jarrah Nesbitt a physiotherapist and current member of Recovery Club who is here to share her story of recovery from an eating disorder and hypothalamic amenorrhea....

135. From Fitness Instructor with No Period to Food Freedom and Pregnant with Pegah Esmaili

Oct 12 • 50:19

Today on the show I'm joined by Pegah Esmaili, a wife, new mama to baby Cyra, and a daughter of the king. A absolute light beam of positivity, Pegah's passion is encouraging women to walk in faith and freedom. After years of battling with her own body image, it's now her mission to share her messy story of recovery in hopes of helping other women. ...

134. Overcoming Obstacles in ED & HA Recovery

Oct 4 • 29:05

How do you overcome the mental obstacles in recovery? This was a questioned I got asked the other day on Instagram. Oftentimes there's a huge gap between knowing what we NEED to be doing in recovery and actually DOING it....

133. Motherhood, Grief and Eating Disorder Recovery with Kerry Crooks

Oct 1 • 37:59

Today I’m joined by Kerry Crooks, a mother two and public health specialist currently in recovery from an eating disorder. In this episode we talk through her journey to date, experience with grief, the ups and downs of recovery and what she’s looking forward to in the future....

132. Is it unhealthy to stop exercising in HA or ED recovery?

Sep 28 • 29:43

Exercise is praised for the many mental and physical health benefits it gives us, so you've probably wondered "is it ever unhealthy to stop exercising?"...

131. HA Recovery with Personal Trainer Elyse Lawry

Sep 23 • 40:36

This week on the podcast I’m joined by personal trainer, group fitness instructor and student exercise physiologist Elyse Lawry. Elyse has recovered from HA herself and now uses her story and experience to inspire others to do the same. ...

130. Breaking Rituals and Routines in HA & ED Recovery

Sep 21 • 29:08

In today's episode of Holistic Health Radio, Lucy McConnell and I discuss one of the biggest roadblocks people face in recovery, which is breaking rigid rituals and unhelpful routines....

129. Biggest Mistakes You're Making in HA Recovery

Sep 14 • 27:27

This week on the podcast Lucy McConnell and I are talking about the biggest mistakes and road blocks people face in hypothalamic amenorrhea recovery....

128. Recovery from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Isn't Linear with Cheyenne Holman

Sep 9 • 40:54

Today our sports dietitian and coach Cheyenne Holman joins the show to discuss her own personal recovery journey from hypothalamic amenorrhea....

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