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History of the Second World War

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History of the Second World War is a weekly podcast which will cover World War 2, beginning with the tumultuous years after the First World War, continuing into the descent into war during the 1930s, through the war years, and then into the post war aftermath.

Popular episodes

73: The Munich Agreement Pt. 5 - We had no other choice....

Dec 2 • 22:05

72: The Munich Agreement Pt. 4 - Plan Z

Nov 24 • 21:44

71: The Munich Agreement Pt. 3 - The Summer of 1938

Nov 22 • 23:11

70: The Munich Agreement Pt. 2 - The May Crisis

Nov 10 • 21:22

69: The Munich Agreement Pt. 1 - Background

Oct 27 • 21:49

68: The Third Republic Pt. 8 - The French Army

Oct 20 • 25:16

67: The Third Republic Pt. 7 - Rearmament

Oct 13 • 24:19

23: A Naval Chat with Dr. Alexander Clarke

Oct 10 • 57:03
Usually these interviews start with a topic and go from there, but in this case I was joined by Dr. Alexander Clarke for a wide ranging discussion on naval history. We talked about the Royal Navy, the perception of its preparations for war, the role that naval aviation played in naval planning during the interwar years, Dr. Clarke's upcoming book on British destroyers, and...

66: The Third Republic Pt. 6 - Political Cleanup

Oct 6 • 24:31

22: The Politics of Veteran's Benefits with Dr. Crotty, Dr. Diamant, and Dr. Edele

Oct 3 • 57:44
After the wars were over, there were millions of veterans and each nation and each group of veterans found themselves in different positions. In this interview I was joined by Dr. Martin Crotty, Dr. Neil Diamant, and Dr. Mark Edele to discuss their book that looks at the experiences of veterans from many different nations after both World Wars.

Check out The Politics of Ve...

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