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Podcast dedicated to the side of history that goes bump in the night. Every episode's content features community time that includes listener mail and experiences, a “Moment In Oddity” and “History Of The Day” segments and then interviews and discussions about a historic location, event or personRead more

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Ep. 411 - Miss Molly's Bed and Breakfast

Nov 18 • 54:36

Miss Molly's Bed and Breakfast has been on the suggestions list for quite a while and we decided to produce it now because our longtime listener and Executive Producer Amy Martinez's daughter recently visited the location and had a chance to investigate. A sign outside one of the rooms reads, "Street ladies bringing in sailors must pay for room in advance." So clearly, thi...

Ep. 410 - Cerro Gordo Ghost Town

Nov 11 • 34:41

This fairly prosperous mining town was established in the mid-1800s and had been mostly abandoned for decades. New life was breathed into it recently after being purchased in 2018 for almost $1.5 million. This mining camp had been a dangerous place to live. People died from gunfights, disease and mining accidents. And now it would seem that spirits still remain because of ...

HGB Bonus: St. Augustine Lighthouse Investigation

Nov 6 • 46:12

Ep. 409 - Gaither Plantation

Nov 4 • 37:46

Covington, Georgia is nicknamed Hollywood South due to the number of movies and television shows that have been filmed there. One location that not only hosts weddings and other events, but has also served as a set for films and TV shows is the Gaither Plantation. The house dates back to 1850 and there are two cemeteries on the property along with other historic buildings,...

HGB Halloween Special 2021

Oct 30 • 54:33

Happy Halloween! When one thinks of Halloween and Trick or Treating, more than just pillow cases full of candy come to mind. There's always that one creepy house in the neighborhood. The abandoned one. The one everyone claims is haunted. Maybe one with 999 ghosts and room for one more? Join us as we explore the history of the most famous haunted house in America, Disney's ...

Ep. 408 - Legends of Werewolves

Oct 28 • 36:17

Werewolf lore has been a part of human history for centuries and some of the best horror movies feature werewolves. We've covered the hysteria that surrounded the witch hunts and trials in Europe and America. Not many people realize that there was a similar hysteria when it came to reports of werewolves. It is possible that 100,000 people were executed for being suspected ...

Ep. 407 - Haunted Cemeteries 20

Oct 21 • 47:14

We like to think of cemeteries as open-air museums. They not only represent the culture and beliefs of an area, but they serve as a historical record of who has lived in the region. For many people, the only record we have of their life is their headstone. They are so important and should be considered, even when making the choice to be cremated. Cemeteries are important a...

Ep. 406 - Haunted Fellsmere

Oct 14 • 57:59

We joined Larry Lawson, founder of The Florida Bureau of Paranormal Investigation, and his team Indian River Hauntings for a paranormal event that included ghost hunting the Old School House and Marsh Landing Restaurant in Fellsmere, Florida. On this episode, we share several of the haunted locations in this small Florida town and the results of our investigation. The Mome...

Ep. 405 - Haunted Guam

Oct 7 • 36:49

Guam is a United States territory located within the Mariana Islands. The island was occupied by humans starting around 4,000 years ago. Guam IS the Chamarro people. This indigenous group has endured hundreds of years of conquest and occupation of their island and yet their culture has survived. A wonderful culture that embraces the spirit world. On this episode, we are go...

HGB Anniversary Special 7

Oct 1 • 37:54

On this special anniversary episode, Diane and Kelly celebrate 7 years of the podcast, talk a little about some of the behind-the-scenes stuff and share the winners of this year's Flash Fiction Contest. We had 21 submissions, so it was hard to choose, but we have our three winners and two runner-ups to share. Thanks to everyone for your support through the years and for li...

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