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Boooooring, do you remember some %$# named guy who died in a random year conquered another %$# named place in another year? From hardcore history facts to stuff you missed in your history class, it got too much for the story. History is not politics, past or just story but a reflection on the humanRead more

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S2E5 - History of Buddhism

Dec 2 • 20:11

The History of Buddhism is very different to what we have from other religion. This month our guest Claire Villareal and Ajahn Punnadhammo will share their knowledge about the history of Buddhism and how the truth understood to be ultimate yet unknown.

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S2E4 - History of Islam

Nov 2 • 21:29

In this episode we travel back to 7th century Arabia where a prophet is about to claim His message and the pagan citizens have responded exactly how anyone, who's GODs have been questioned would. This is the history of one of the largest religion, one that has been advertised enough by news channels.

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S2E3 - History of Christianity

Oct 2 • 19:46

I've come to conclude we aren't a product of society but the stories we grew up listening and believing in. Follow the journey of understanding HUMANS, through its foundations laid by religions, in season 2 of History Encoded.

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S2E2 - History of Hinduism

Sep 2 • 20:14

"Now I am become death, the destroyer of the worlds." Bhagavad Gita. This episode looks into Hinduism, its history, its epic tales and questions the interpretation of religion. Follow the journey of understanding HUMANS, through its foundations laid by religions, in season 2 of History Encoded.

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S2E1 - History of Religion

Aug 2 • 23:08

History of everything. This time we are exploring the history of religion the past that's still present. looking for GOD and understanding if She exists.  We have Dr Constant mews in history corner and a very special religion to preach.

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S1E5 - Conclusion

Jun 2 • 14:51

S1E4 - The Assassins

Apr 2 • 19:02

S1E3 - Muslim world lost in translation

Mar 16 • 18:25

S1E2 - Nass and its Philosophy | Peter Adamson

Mar 2 • 21:43

As we continue our journey to assassins with the ismailis, episode 2 (NASS) looks into the power and reason of an imam.  Professor Peter Adamson from history of philosophy without any gaps joins us in understanding  the lineage of an imam  the Ismaili sect and the Fatimid dynasty come to power.
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S1E1 - Radical Islam and everything along with Assassins

Feb 2 • 19:40

How long will it take you to think of something not radical when I say the word Islam?
Was it always like this?  Fasten your seatbelts as we are driving to lslam right after the prophet and driving past this whole phenomenon of extreme ideologies in Muslim community.  In the very first season we ride to the origins of ismaili's who are bringing us the assassins. Join me on ...

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