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High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS


High Intensity Health features breakthrough health tips and hacks from respected authorities in the Fitness, Nutrition and Functional Medicine fields. Our expert guests have shared insider information that has helped thousands of Moms, Dads, Executives, Health Care Professionals and High-PerformingRead more

Popular episodes

Omicron OMG: the Law of Declining Virulence

Nov 30 • 25:56

Let’s review the long-known law of declining virulence which describes how viruses evolve to become less virulent over time as they infect more hosts....

Boosters, Belly Fat & Lowered Antibodies: Study Hints It's Time to Get Healthy!

Nov 25 • 21:19

Scientists in Italy find for the first time lower antibody levels in subjects with abdominal obesity. This suggests we ought to also be suggesting exercise and healthy living if we're serious about maximizing protection for everyone....

Fasting for 16 vs. 12 Hours Daily: Similar Muscle and Strength Gains but Better Metabolic Profiles

Nov 24 • 18:03

A new study finds longer daily fasts were demonstrated to produce more favorable improvements in biomarkers that are associated with metabolic and cardiovascular health as well as inflammation....

Cold Showers Actually Do Increase Fat Burning and Metabolic Rate, New Study Finds

Nov 23 • 22:39

Scientists recently found that metabolically protective brown fat—quantities of which are increased with deliberate cold exposure—can lead to meaningful increases in fat burning and metabolic rate....

Sugary Drinks, Sleep & Your Immune System: New Study Confirms What was Common Sense All Along

Nov 20 • 09:21

A new study founds sugar consumption, less than seven hours of sleep nightly and sub-optimal exercise habits increase odds of being hospitalized. We breakdown this study and discuss the known science about how sugar impacts immune system health....

Why Exposed Health Care Workers Didn't Catch COVID: T Cell Immunity Matters T Cells Help Resist Infections

Nov 17 • 12:31

A fascinating series of studies highlights the importance of T cell health and T cell immunity. This timely reminder is important as the health of your T cells are influenced by age, nutrition, exercise and more....

Fasting VS Dieting (calorie restriction): Health Benefits Depend on Fasting Window, New Study Finds

Nov 12 • 16:29

It’s common knowledge that calorie restriction is a validated strategy to extend lifespan and delay the onset of age-associated diseases. But there’s a new wrinkle that’s muddied the waters of this calorie restriction (CR) research, which, needless to say, has up to now been derived mainly from studies conducted in rodents (animal models)....

Obesity , Leptin & Risk of Autoimmunity: a Problem in Achieving Herd Immunity

Nov 11 • 21:30

Scientists find lean subjects made protective antibodies after infection while obese subjects did not make protective antibodies—they made maladaptive autoantibodies instead. Researchers speculate that leptin plays a role in skewing the immune response toward autoimmunity after infection. Here's the details!...

Natural Immunity is Durable: Data Summary and Labs 11 Months Post-Infection

Nov 7 • 14:53

Here's an objective look at the latest science investigating the durability of immunity from prior infection plus results from serially testing antibodies after contracting COVID-19 in December of 2020....

Losing Belly Fat May Save Your Life, Italian Researchers Find

Nov 5 • 27:18

A series of new studies find fat spill over from abdominal fat stores compromises liver and lung function, increasing risk of serious illness and death. Translation: losing belly fat and improving metabolic health should be a top priority for you. We discuss the details....

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