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Shankar Vedantam uses science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, shape our choices and direct our relationships.

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Both Things Can Be True

Dec 6 • 52:31

Work 2.0: The One-Room Commute

Nov 29 • 51:33

If you’re working from home, you might be reveling in your daily commute to the dining room table. Or you might be saying, “Get me out of here.” In the final episode of our Work 2.0 series, economist Nicholas Bloom joins us from his spare bedroom to ponder whether working from home is actually working. ...

My Unsung Hero: Tony Ludlow

Nov 24 • 05:18

Work 2.0: Rebel with a Cause

Nov 22 • 53:03

Francesca Gino studies rebels - people who practice "positive deviance" and achieve incredible feats of imagination. They know how and when to break rules that should be broken. So how can you activate your own inner non-conformist? This week, we ponder the traits of successful rebels as we revisit our 2018 conversation with Francesca.  ...

Work 2.0: Life, Interrupted

Nov 15 • 51:35

Many of us spend our workdays responding to a never-ending stream of emails and texts. We feel stressed out and perpetually behind on our to-do list. But what if there was a better way to work? This week, we revisit a favorite conversation about "deep work" with computer scientist Cal Newport. And we'll visit a lab that's studying whether brain stimulation can improve our ...

My Unsung Hero: Terri Powers' Story

Nov 12 • 04:23

Work 2.0: Game On!

Nov 8 • 56:41

The world of play and the world of work are often seen as opposites. But they may have more in common than we think. In the second installment of our new Work 2.0 series, Ethan Mollick makes the case that we can make our jobs more engaging by incorporating elements of games. ...

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Work 2.0: The Obstacles You Don't See

Nov 1 • 54:10

Introducing new ideas is hard. Most of us think the best way to win people over is to push harder. But organizational psychologist Loran Nordgren says a more effective approach is to focus on the invisible obstacles to new ideas. ...

We Broke the Planet. Now What?

Oct 25 • 51:12

We’ve grown accustomed to viewing climate change as an enemy we must urgently defeat. But is that the right metaphor for the greatest existential problem of our time? This week, we consider how to reframe the way we think about life on a changing planet. ...

My Unsung Hero: Rick Mangnall's Story

Oct 22 • 06:01

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